As an educator, it is important that you know how to connect with your students, if you continuously miss the mark, it is safe to say you will come up short and the students will not learn anything. Fortunately, there are things you can learn on an international PGCE Distance Learning programme that can help you improve in your role.

When it comes to connecting with students there is one trick that you can easily implement: Practice Jim Kwik's M.O.M. model of remembering.

According to the above model, with the right motivation, observation and mechanics, one can memorize anything through the art of listening and staying silent.

Of course this raises the question, how do I balance connecting with students on a personal level and being their teacher/instructor? The tips and techniques learned through an online postgraduate certificate in education will help you overcome this challenge. It is your job to focus on each and every lesson plan and ensure that your students are picking up the right information. You can't cross the line between teacher and friend and you must maintain a certain level of authority in the student-teacher relationship in order to maintain discipline within the classroom.

Students love teachers who are funny, empathic and considerate. This does not mean you have to turn into a clown! You could bring a little humor into the subject you are teaching and it will go a long way in helping your pupils learn at a higher rate and also connect with you on a deeper level.

Just as leaders make conscious attempts to identify with their team members so also teachers need to take time to learn more about each student as an individual. Again, this can help with building a connection at a deeper level and the students will then feel like you are a grown up they can approach in times of need. The PGCE Dubai course equips you with tools and techniques on how to establish connections and build on your current teaching methods to improve classroom environments.

Regardless of the teaching level, the PGCEi from the University of Nottingham covers topics that can be implemented at elementary, middle or high school. The batch is broken down into teaching blocks / groups that help in bringing together like minded individuals with the same concerns, experiences and aspirations to share.

Now that we know the importance of connecting with students and how exactly we can build these relationships, you should explore the PGCE in Dubai as an aid to improving your teaching skills and competencies.

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