There are a number of reasons why professionals decide to undertake an MBA programme. A survey of working professionals revealed some of the most common reasons why the working population are looking for MBA options, which included a requirement by the employer to have an MBA degree, for a salary rise, for networking opportunities and for career growth and development. Some professionals also mentioned the reason for studying an MBA programme was to shift their career into a different industry. A lot of healthcare professionals also sought MBA with specialisation in Health Management while some engineers preferred an MBA in  Project Management.

The numerous reasons for opting for an MBA degree only demonstrate its underlyingCareer Development demand. However, a number of factors hindered these professionals from enrolling into a traditional campus based MBA programme. With rise in tuition costs and the time spent in commuting to campus, enrolling in a campus based MBA programme is not a viable option for a majority of these professionals. This is where technology has played its part in providing MBA education that can be studied completely online.

As we celebrate 30 years of the World Wide Web this year, the advancement in technology only reinforces the increasing penetration in the education industry. With some of the best universities of the world located in the UK, educational programmes are now being offered completely online and that also includes online MBA programmes. The University of Leicester for example has been offering online education for more than 25 years, and was amongst the first to incorporate this mode of learning in its education system.

Online Support from the university

The online MBA programmes are not much different from its traditional counterparts. The university tutors tweak the learning materials to suit the needs of the online classroom. Every university has an online learning system such as Moodle or Blackboard which supports the delivery of lectures, video and audio tutorials, online discussion forums and webinars. There is always a dedicated staff member who ensures students are assisted throughout the course of their studies and are always looked after.

Career enhancement opportunities

Once you have successfully completed an online MBA programme, there are a myriad of opportunities that you can apply for. As per Whitler (2018), some of the best multinational corporations are looking to hire MBA graduates in top executive positions. Keeping this in mind, universities such as the University of Leicester have included a Career Management and Development Programme to help students prepare themselves for future leadership roles. The career support centre provides skills such as leadership, networking, coaching and professional skills development.

Another university represented by Stafford, which is offering career enhancement opportunities is the University of Northampton. Being taught as  a part-time blended learning MBA programme, the face-to-face tutorial workshops offer an impressive exposure to industry professionals with extensive management backgrounds. The students as they attend workshops interact while working on case studies and assignments and help you to gain insights into the various industries.

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