The field of business is vast and consists of various academic inferences and theories developed from years of research and analysis from industry professionals. The results obtained shape up much of the business literature and theory that we are familiar with today. The same theories and principles impact our current business environment and lay a foundation for future business practices, thus the role of business research is crucial in shaping the future of the business field

Academically, students have a number of options to study postgraduate level programmes to learn and perhaps influence existing research and apply concepts in the contemporary business environment. As a practicing business professional, you will always come across business problems and complications that will hinder the progress of your business. It is for this reason a lot of working business professionals would like to consider the option of studying a PhD or a Doctorate programme (either online or part time) in order to dive deep into specific business research areas and find solutions to it.DBA Online Distance Learning

In this blog, we talk about the major differences between a PhD and a DBA programme so you can decide on which one really fits your academic needs.

What is a PhD ?

A PhD or a Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate qualification that primarily focuses on developing academic theories and principles. A PhD student can either conduct a research to infer new results or elaborate on an existing research to get his/her research published. The PhD uses an academic approach in its research methodology and offers students a chance to publish their own work as a degree requirement. A PhD can be awarded in various disciplines such as Finance, English Literature, Biochemistry, etc.

What is a DBA ?

A DBA is a Doctorate in Business Administration with a sole focus on developing research and theories in the field of Business and Management. A DBA programme can be studied by a professional who aims to develop their research interest and conduct analysis to gain solutions for business issues that occur on a regular basis.The programme is aimed at developing solutions to practical business problems and apply learned theories and concepts to derive actual results.

The difference betweena  PhD and a DBA

  1. Student Profiles: PhD students are normally young with little or no work experience and are looking to establish their academic careers in a particular field. Many universities require students to hold and M.Phil or a relevant masters to study a PhD , however in some cases, students can even directly enrol in a PhD without a masters degree. On the other hand, a DBA student holds an MBA (or a relevant masters degree) and years of work experience in a higher management position, with extensive exposure to business processes. DBA students are usually in their late 30's or above and are looking to expand their academic expertise to address various business issues.
  2. Area of Focus:The PhD is studied by students who aim to become an academician and conduct academic oriented research in their chosen discipline. PhD students can either develop new research or expand on an existing area. The DBA on the other hand is studied with the prime aim to develop knowledge in the business research field and conduct research in one's own company to derive solutions to everyday business issues.
  3. Data Collection: PhD students are required to rely on externally available data and many times have to outsource data to derive results for their research. DBA students, on the other hand, collect data from their organisation and derive results to address the business question which is the focus of their research.
  4. Career Objectives: A PhD programme leads a student to establish themselves in the field of academics, either as a course leader, tutor or an academician. Since the programme is academic oriented in nature, students can pursue careers as researchers or lecturers. As the DBA programme lays importance to development of academic research to solve business problems, DBA students can pursue a career in consultancy, higher management roles such as CEO or entrepreneurship and leadership roles in business and management. Students can also teach in universities as guest tutors.

The DBA and PhD are equivalent in terms of the level of qualification and recognition. Both programmes are postgraduate degrees at the highest level and are endeavoured to teach research expertise and explore research methodologies and principles. Students will be equipped with extensive research skills whilst exploring various publications, theories, principles and practices to complete their dissertation. As discussed above, the difference lies in the scope and areas of study.

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