Dubai, sometimes called the City of Gold, is one of the most modern economic and technologically advanced cities in the world. The UAE in general is in the eye of all business and management operations organizations that are looking to service the Middle East and Far East. Its high technological and economic stature makes it a home to many professionals in business; professionals who constantly want to improve their knowledge and skills in business and management. The growing need for higher education and up-to-date learning has made professionals in Dubai exemplar students for undertaking a distance education MBA in Dubai.

MBA students undertake an online course for various reasons: one of the main ones being it creates career opportunities for MBA graduates in Dubai. Business in Dubai is rapidly growing and diversifying. More and more companies are being set up with the myriad of licensing options available through the local authorities. Thus, these companies are searching for better-trained business professionals to manage the demanding needs of their expanding operations.

For this reason, the UAE has partnered with many international business institutions to provide them with professionally trained MBA students from as early as they begin their MBA course. This further synonymies the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as outstanding locations for higher education and post graduate level studies, as students have the opportunity to explore their theoretical knowledge with the many multinational companies established across the UAE. Moreover, Industrial companies and luxury and trade conglomerates in Dubai are even offering more generous pays and compensation packages to MBA professionals for their skills.

Join the Business School - University of Leicester distance learning course.

One of the Internationally Accredited Online Universities in UAE is the University of Leicester Business School. This university offers a part-time distance learning MBA in Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa. It has produced numerous MBA professionals who are excelling in their careers both in employment and in their own startups.

The University Of Leicester Ranking and Fee Details

The University of Leicester is ranked 159th in the world out of 1000 institutions by Times Higher Education 2018 World University Rankings. Please follow this link for distance education MBA fees details at University of Leicester Business School before looking into the distance education MBA admission process.

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The University of Leicester is also well known for its works in the world of Criminology and works directly with Scotland Yard and the UK Police service to help build theory and investigate why crimes happen and who they directly impact, as such they have a fantastic MSc Security and Risk Management course that is directed at those professionals who are already employed in the field of criminology and criminal justice. 



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