There are various educational opportunities one can pursue after completing an MBA or a master's degree in a relevant business field. A DBA or a Doctorate in Business Administration is one such qualification that can be pursued by postgraduate degree holders looking to apply research skills to real life complex business issues and come up with potentially novel solutions. The DBA is a level 8 qualification and uses rigorous academic research to comprehend problems surrounding the contemporary business environment. There are universities offering an online Doctorate of Business Administration programme, while others can be studied part time from UK universities.

Online DBA UK

The DBA can be studied by professionals currently holding senior management roles with typically at least 5 years of senior management experience along with a master's degree. As the programme has a primary focus on finding solutions for higher management decision making, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of senior management and leadership roles. Given than the DBA is an academic qualification, students are expected to hold an advanced understanding of academic writing along with basic research skills to undertake the research requirements of the programme.

Benefits of studying a DBA

DBA programmes are designed for higher management positions and require candidates to indulge in practical research processes to critique current theories and concepts, whilst exploring extensive literature to increase their understanding of the relevant principles underpinning research methodology. The following are some of the benefits of studying a DBA degree.

  • Research focus: The prime focus of a DBA is to apply theory to real world business problems, hence making a theoretical as well as practical contribution to the overall organisation. Unlike a PHD where students focus on developing a theory by exploring and critiquing various authors and publications, a DBA on the other hand focuses on the practical application of theory.
  • Career Opportunities: For senior managers with years of experience in the field of business, a DBA opens doors for careers in the academic field such as guest lecturing, consultancy and even higher management roles in any organisation.
  • Networking opportunities: The DBA programme is studied by candidates from various industries with senior management experience.  As the DBA class consists of candidates of such calibre, it offers excellent higher level networking opportunities to students
  • Growth and Development: Upon successful completion of a DBA, graduates will develop an increased understanding of strategically leading business and management roles at higher functions. As students approach business predicaments with an enhanced awareness, this will lead to both professional and personal development.

The University of Northampton DBA

Being ranked as No.1 for employability in the UK, the University of Northampton offers an intellectually challenging Doctorate of Business Administration programme that can be studied part time via blended learning. The online learning approach combined with delivery of workshops in the UAE ensures students are carefully supported throughout their doctorate journey. The academic tutors leading the modules are professionals with years of management and consultancy expertise along with academic achievements, ensuring a premium academic experience. The four year programme covers topics relevant to academic research whilst encouraging students to publish high quality research material with rigorous in-depth reflection and practices. Once successfully completed, graduates will emerge as leading practitioners in their organisation whilst also helping to transform their organisational setup.

Our Northampton DBA runs for only two cohorts, i.e, May and November each year. To apply and get accepted, we encourage candidates to enquire and book a consultation to help you with your application process.

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