In today's world, there is always a skilled data scientist required in every industry, the art of analyzing figures and numbers is a monotonous and yet quite confusing exercise. As a result, there are plenty of online resources made available to those who are interested in gaining insight in the world of statistical data analysis or number crunching. To begin with, let us understand who a data scientist is? A data scientist is someone who has an uncanny ability to take mass amounts of data (sometimes called 'big data') and withdraw inferences from there that would assist businesses and managers make more sound and confident decision. As understood, this is not a job for everyone, instead it requires a keen individual who has a sharp eye and the ability to pay attention to the smallest details. 

Therefore, getting a data science certification is undoubtedly beneficial to any business-related career. This is definitely true if you are currently employed in a data-related role at your company. The skills you are targeting to enhance by taking up this a data science course are analytical skills that are necessary when working for world-class organizations in a technical, software and business scope.

Financial Mathematics

A Masters in Data Science will give you professional and advanced knowledge of financial mathematics. This knowledge makes it possible to apply mathematical methods to real-life financial problems. The information in this module is derived from statistics, probability, economic theory, and stochastic processes.

Is it worth it?

The benefit of a Masters in Data Science varies depending on the type of job you are currently employed in (or even the type of job you plan to work in) and the role that data science plays in it. This course would be very useful to the data-savvy user. Even so, the majority of jobs that are business and management related have a bit of data science in them. Therefore, it wouldn't hurt to get a better grip on this subject just to improve your odds against the competition (when it comes to securing a promotion, that is). This is when the course is definitely worth it!

Scholarships for Masters Degree

Stafford and its partner institutions are determined to ensure that finances do not stand in the way of you acquiring your Masters Degree in Data Science or Masters in Leadership Innovations or Masters in Construction Project Management or an MSc Security and Risk Management! Therefore, they award scholarships to eligible candidates.

Apply for this online course and for the accompanying Stafford Grant and earn your data science certification in just 24 months.

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