With the summer semester just around the corner, universities are now gearing up to welcome their fresh batch of candidates joining the new cohort in their respective faculties, be it for full time or online programmes. There are usually various introductory activities planned for new students in a campus based programme, helping them to join the campus and warm up to their classes and studies. In settings like these, one might wonder how do online programmes welcome their new students to online studies, and what is the student support involved?

Whether you are a new student looking to join an online programme or a future student looking to enrol in online studies, this blog will help you understand how tutoring and student support takes place in online/virtual classrooms.

What are Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Every university providing an online programme has adopted a learning management system/software to facilitate the delivery of online studies and lectures. Some universities like the University of Leicester call it an online blackboard, while others like University of Northampton call it NILE. Similarly, with the Edinburgh Napier University, the LMS is called Moodle or Mynapier. The LMS is an online platform where students can access course materials, modules, discussion forums, assignments and grades. The LMS is designed to help students navigate easily through the website by connecting them to fellow classmates, tutors and the student support team.online learning-1

How contact with tutors takes place

As the courses are delivered directly by the UK campus, there are dedicated tutors monitoring student activities for each online programme. This dedicated tutor for a programme module can be reached via emails, telephone calls, discussion forums or through virtual office hours. Just like with the full-time programmes, online studies are administered directly by UK tutors who help students throughout their academic journey, by providing oral or written feedback to all student queries and concerns. Students can expect a response to their questions within 24 hours of UK working days.

With some universities like University of Leicester and the Edinburgh Napier University, tutors can be reached live via online seminars of virtual office hours where real time contact takes place. The discussion forum allows for student to student interaction with tutors moderating all interaction to administer the relevant module.

The university faculty also encourages students to contact them via Skype for a brief discussion on modules, assignments, or any academic and module related concerns involved.

The role of student support team

All of our partner universities have a dedicated student support team to help students with all matters concerning their academic journey such as study breaks, IT related concerns, module administration, feedback and assessment. This team ensures that students are supported through their studies and have received the maximum support that they require.

Students can also download the university's official app, which is easily available on their android or apple devices. The university app makes it easy for students to always stay connected with the university regardless of their busy schedule. This means students do not miss out on important notifications and updates from the university.

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