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Is Maths needed for an MBA in HR

02-Jul-2018 14:05:16 / by Nabeela D'Sa

Nabeela D'Sa

When you think of a MBA in HR scope, a course in Maths does not come to mind, at least not immediately. One would think that an MBA in Human Resource Management only entails lessons on business strategies, benefit analysis, corporate headhunting, business coaching and other courses in that line. However, Maths does play a role in acquiring a complete MBA in HRM.

Maths for Human Resource Management

Various MBA specializations require different mathematical courses, even an MBA in HRM could potentially require that you have both calculus and statistics basics and/or exposure. The reason for a requirement of a mathematical background is to ensure that you will be more confident in grasping and understanding any math-related concepts for your HRM course.

During your online course, you may come across math-related units of study, especially in topics such as employee benefits or indemnity calculations. On an MBA in HRM you will definitely encounter a minimal amount of math as compared to other MBA specializations like Finance or Data Science. None the less, some basic math is relevant to Human Resource Management in that it allows you to find good statistical data for a project or company and skillfully process the data into information that is beneficial for strategic decisions.

As much as you should not be intimidated by the mathematical component of MBA in HRM, you need to be adequately prepares for the coursework that is required.

GMAT / Maths as an Entry Requirement

If you are in Dubai and have an interest in pursuing a global online MBA in Human Resource Management, you should consider taking a calculus course and statistics course at the college level. This is because most top ranked institutions and universities require candidates to provide a GMAT score as part of their application documents. If you have not had any exposure to mathematics or statistics at the high school level, you could explore short courses that would help you grasp the basic understanding of business mathematics. Thus allowing you to successfully complete the GMAT exam and gain entry into the MBA programme of your choice.

There are some post graduate certificates in Maths that would ideally equip you with the required basic mathematical skills and knowledge.

Having said the above, there are some top ranked young institutions that understand the real world aspects and do not demand a GMAT as part of an application, such as Edinburgh Napier University who offers one of the most highly-rated online MBA in HR Dubai has to offer.

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Nabeela D'Sa

Written by Nabeela D'Sa


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