Distance learning was previously also known as correspondence learning, where students enrolled in a university programme thousands of miles away and were mailed with all the learning materials required to complete a course. In our present-day education scenario, this mode of learning has now evolved to include online learning, with the adaptation of technology and the internet. As soon as universities adopted online learning techniques, distance learning became even more integrated in everyday lives as learning materials could now easily be accessed.

Online Education

The concept of online learning has gained an enormous amount of popularity because of its ease of study and flexibility. Because of this, many full-time programmes have included online learning elements into their curriculum to encourage students to explore a wide variety of resources and knowledge databases.  The University of Leicester was one the first universities in the world to adopt online learning, providing complete degree programmes that can be studied completely online.UK universities are known for the strength of their education system and the online degree programmes offered by these universities live up to this reputation.

 The benefit of online learning.

Education was traditionally facilitated only in physical classrooms with face to face lectures. Students from working class backgrounds were required to attend full time lectures with less focus on other aspects of their lives like career, extracurricular activities or social commitments. With online learning, students now have the option to study full degree programmes without feeling the need to attend physical classes. This way, a student is able to focus on other areas of their life like careers, passion projects, travel or even education. Online learning gives the flexibility to work towards a promising career, while balancing personal commitments.

As programmes are taught electronically, there are multiple methods on how learning takes place. Universities use software that facilitates in the delivery of recorded or live lectures and podcasts. Activities such as discussion forums, webinars, debates and quizzes are included to facilitate the learning process. Assessment is either conducted online or via physical examinations which are arranged by the university. With a variety of activities and resources available, students are encouraged to develop a thorough understanding of the modules and content involved.

As students progress with their course, they are exposed to an online classroom of students from different backgrounds from across the world, all studying the same programme. This online classroom encourages students to exchange ideas and communicate constructive criticism in peer driven assessments. This helps students with developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills.

With online learning, the students are guaranteed to receive a similar award as their full-time counterparts and there is no distinction in the qualification achieved. The universities ensure that online students are awarded with the same internationally recognised qualification, and students can even attend the graduation ceremony at the UK campus.

 Our online programmes at Stafford Global.

Stafford Global being the academic recruitment centre for five UK universities offers the opportunity for students to graduate from a world class university, whilst receiving premium student support and an enriching academic experience. Our online degree programmes can be studied either completely online or as a combination with regional workshops based in the UAE. The universities that we represent include the University of Leicester, University of Northampton, University of Dundee, University of Nottingham and the Edinburgh Napier University. Being the pioneer of distance education since 1993, we offer programmes from a variety of disciplines including business, education, health, finance and HR. Our experienced academic consultants are here to help you find your passion and pursue it with the right education.

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