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It is easier to succeed on distance education in Dubai than you think

03-May-2018 09:17:04 / by Nabeela D'Sa

Nabeela D'Sa

Distance Education in Dubai is perceived to be for only those who have the ability to be extremely focused and diligent in their daily activities. Yes, it is good to be organized and dedicated to your distance learning journey, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible task.

Students need to be more active in their learning journey as there isn’t a matron lurching around the corner checking up on them. Students need to have a mature sense of responsibility towards their future and their overall growth. The end result of being more pro-active and engaged in your personal learning experience will only reap better grades and a higher level of fulfillment in depth of learning.

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Here is a checklist to review prior to commencing your distance learning journey:

  1. Read the course material/learning outcomes and use it as roadmap

The learning outcomes communicated for every module is a guide you can use to find your current level of understanding of the topic such as the principles of psychology and then you can gauge the volume of effort required to succeed (if not exceed) in the module. While reading through the course content, the learning outcomes at the end of every chapter will dictate the next steps for as an individual. Everybody learns/studies differently and this is why the communicated course material is only a guide to help you complete the module with your intended level of success.

  1. Submit all assignments/assessment material on time

As a rule of thumb to be effective in distance learning psychology courses in Dubai or your distance learning MBA, or any distance learning course, you should prep a schedule based on the study plan provided by your institution. So if your submission is due in 3 months, honestly assess your capabilities and decide how much time it would take you personally; to work on a 2500-word well-researched assignment. Then work backwards from there and you would have created a well-planned – highly achievable scheduled to submit all your assignments and submissions.

  1. Follow the online forums and discussions

In a full-time campus based program in universities Abu Dhabi based or worldwide, you would attend classes and participate in discussions, case studied and group activities. Similarly, the onus is on the student in online education to join in the forums and discussions and contribute to the overall learning experience. As a distance learner, this is the crux of the learning experience, your support of the group you have registered with will translate into other supporting you and your learning requirements. Tutors and faculty can only do so much, just as traditional colleges and universities require participation in class activities similar is the requirement from online training and classes.  

  1. Consider your personal experiences

Most students (online or offline) forget how valuable their personal life experiences on a particular topic is to a class. In fact, today, many individuals find it easier to post a message on a public forum, even something as public as Facebook, as it allows them a certain level of anonymity that would not be possible in a physical classroom. The fear of judgement by others usually inhibits a person’s ability to communicate effectively and contribute to any discussions, however, online a comment can be posted and if you are not completely confident in your contribution you could always go back in and remove it.

  1. Set long-term goals

Your distance education program is not a short-term activity. Most academic programs take between 2 to 4 years to complete and this is a long-term investment in yourself and your future. When you consider your education as a long-term investment, your expectations are set accordingly. Would you expect a mutual fund investment to turn around and reap 20% returns in a month? No. So also, your investment in your education will reap returns by expanding your horizons and employment options in the long-term.

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Nabeela D'Sa

Written by Nabeela D'Sa


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