People who have their Certificates in infection control have seen many major breakthroughs and developments in the last decade. Though most people have heard about diseases like Ebola, MERS, SARS and other infectious types of bacteria but the latest research on infection control is available as information in Dubai for the mass audiences through the ministries. Those who have completed their certification in infection control through top universities in UAE have been working very hard to improve our chances against infectious diseases.

  1. America has recently strengthened their virus containment networks after worldwide outbreaks:

    After the Ebola scare and outbreak in West Africa, there were some very real concerns about possible contamination in the U.S. This led to the American government in naming a series of Ebola treatment centers across the country to prevent any outbreaks. Those who have been certified in infection control were quick to prepare for a possible outbreak and to accept patients who tested positively for the Ebola virus or any other number of highly infectious and dangerous diseases, within at least eight hours of notification.

  2. Vaccine development has been spurred by global outbreaks:

    Recently, an experimental MERS vaccine has shown promising signs in the animal studies stage, which has led researchers to believe a similar kind of method might work to protect people against the disease eventually in the years to come. The recent scares in other countries have rallied researchers to work their best to find cures.

  3. Institutes in Dubai have recently begun to use UV lighting more frequently which helps keep germs at bay:

    UV lighting actually will destroy the bacteria responsible for Staphylococcus infections, Clostridium difficile infections, and many other types of infections within a matter of 10 minutes with the proper use of the technology. This even reaches to bacteria known to resist treatment through antibiotics.

  4. The key to preventing infection may be to target bacteria in the gut:

    Recent studies show probiotics could be a good way to restore natural and good bacteria to the body after a traumatic injury. This will reduce the risk of sepsis and also help the body to achieve a healthy balance. The bacteria in the gut also plays a big part in whether a person will develop a UTI or other infections as well.

  5. New tools for better diagnostics on infections:

    Recently, there was a new diagnostic test for pneumonia developed by some U.K. researchers. This particular test would be able to tell whether a patient is infected with just a sample of their breath. There are also a few other new diagnostic tools that have been developed that could truly help with the diagnostic processes.

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