A Master's degree in Business Administration is the most sought after qualification amongst business leaders and visionaries. With the fourth industrial revolution and a highly fluid workforce, online and distance learning MBA's are the new norm. To grasp lucrative opportunities, along with experiential achievements, the most preferred qualification is that of an MBA.

Various Fortune500 companies such as Amazon, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Apple Inc and Deloitte are just some of the major corporations looking for professionals with MBA degrees. An MBA programme not only increases your knowledge of management functions, it also adds soft skills such as emotional intelligence, effective communication and leadership.

The contemporary business environment requires managers to adapt to an agile workforce. With GenZ looking forward to join the workplace in the coming years, the current debate is to understand the nature of consumerism and how to grapple with the increasingly connected and flexible workforce. From managing the new employee expectations to carving out profits whilst capturing the new consumer's attention, the challenge is to keep up with the rapidly evolving business field.

Not all MBA programmes offer expertise on contemporary issues to keep up with the current business environment. At Stafford, we have partnered with various highly ranked UK universities to offer MBA degrees which can be flexibly studied either online or through distance learning.For the modern professionalnavigating the forces dictating the present day and future economy, our UK based programmes are much needed qualifications. Read on to learn more about some of the best MBA programmes that you should be investing in.