The MBA and the MSc are both masters-level management degree programs, in the UK they are considered to be at level 7, after which one can pursue  a PhD or a Doctorate which is a level 8 program. Now, how do you choose between these two management degrees, well to begin with you need to understand the  difference between an MBA and an MSc and the underlying benefits to you and your future.

MBA: Master of Business Administration

The Masters in Business Administration is a professional, executive level business course tailored to develop one's leadership skills and also to create a platform on which professionals can showcase their business expertise.

MSc: Master of Science

A Master of Science is a business qualification designed for students who have just recently completed their undergraduate qualification and want to build on the skills they gained before entering the job market.

Choosing between an MBA and an MSc depends on your preferences, your future plans, amount of work experience earned and numerous other variables but most importantly it depends on the available job prospects in the market.MBA is dri

An MBA is usually the programme of choice for those individuals who have accumulated at least 8 to 10 years of full-time work experience with a few years at the managerial level. These individuals are looking to progress in their careers to more senior positions or to set up their own business. In contrast, the MSc is pursued by candidates who have not yet accumulated any work experience and are fresh out of university. They may or may not decide to work while they are studying but priority is theoretical know-how and information. 

Furthermore, someone who pursues an MBA is looking to advance to a position of a General Manager or a Department Head, where as an MSc graduate would look to become the head of the Marketing department or Finance department and would pursue the appropriate MSc course to reach that level. 

There are various graduate programs UAE offers through business schools and some of them are even online. We, at Stafford, have partnered with high-profile top-ranked international business schools that offer an MSc International Marketing and an MSc Marketing and Strategy programs that fresh graduates can enroll onto provided they have the required GPA (Grade point average) in their undergraduate qualification. The University of Leicester provides online courses such as an MSc Marketing distance learning. 

MSc International Marketing Management

Business marketing requires a wide knowledge of building long-term relationships with customers. A modern marketing professional is able to devise marketing strategies that are characterized by advanced knowledge of consumer and consumption behaviors, strategy formulation and interpretation, and new product innovation. An online degree from UK at one of Stafford Global's partner institutions will provide you with a virtual online education in international market management. With this knowledge, you will have the ability to – at a professional level – manage and implement research, reports, analysis, and presentation in marketing.

With this understanding of what a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters of Science in International Marketing entail, you can determine which of the two would suit your career best. 

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