Posting videos on YouTube have always engaged audiences like no other medium possibly could. If you are interested in knowing how to win big at YouTube read on for 21 effective results for YouTube business marketing success.

However before uploading your video you need to understand a few things to get a good response and maximize results which you could acquire through distance learning in Dubai. By posting your YouTube video with a good marketing strategy, you have created a weapon of mass engagement.

Here are some tips:

  1. Focus on creating a video for your ideal audience and you will be successful!: Sure there are about thousands and thousands of monthly users on YouTube, but to be honest not everyone will be your audience. YouTube is a free platform and targeting at the right audience with a good video will surely get you where you want.
  2. Do your research , especially for keywords! 
  3. Remember to use the right keywords throughout your video!
  4. Share your video on social networking sites to get more audience!
  5. Make a big splash by:
    • Give your own video thumbs up and ask your friends to do the same as it will increase the visibility of your video on YouTube.
    • Embed the video link in a famous blog post
    • Promote it via email newsletters
  6. Engage more viewers with annotations
  7. Check YouTube insights for more insights to come up with a good marketing strategy
  8. Do not in any case overlook Meta Data
  9. Add appropriate tags to your video
  10. Be creative when it comes to Thumbnails to grab people’s attention
  11. Release your video at regular intervals to make it popular among the subscribers
  12. Keep it short and interesting
  13. Try aligning your content with some special events for more views
  14. Respond to People’s comments on your video
  15. Make sure that your video is in top quality and looks eye-catching as it is the main key in driving more attention.
  16. Maintaining the energy: Once one of your videos does a huge success, it is now time for another one as if you won’t keep your audience happy, someone else will. So remember to maintain the energy by keeping your viewers entertained and interested.
  17. Be consistent when it comes to YouTube business marketing and keep sharing to increase viewer’s rate.
  18. (If possible) Host people of interest as guests in your video
  19. Create playlists
  20. Turn New Viewers into subscribers with a help of a Trailer video of your actual video
  21. Make use of the ‘Featured Videos’ Section: If you are sure that your video will be success, then use the pained featured video option to get more viewers in a short time

At the end, it all comes down to the right marketing strategy. Posting videos is a simple and effective way to interact with your audience. If you are hoping to build a career in media and communications to become an effective YouTuber then we suggest you look into enrolling onto the University of Leicester Distance Learning MA in Media and Public Relations

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