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University of Bahrain revokes decision to expel 160 students

The University of Bahrain decided to revoke the decision to expel 160 first year students who did not meet the minimum Grade Point Average of 1. The decision follows an appeal by the s..........Read more

Rise of the manbag

The “man-bag” is on the rise as male shoppers seek to imitate the style of their favorite stars. It seems that the impact celebrities have on fashion continues to be strong. With the help of social media, they easil..........Read more

Cleaning products damage the respiratory system

A new research found out that regular exposure to cleaning products will have a significant effect on lungs. The chemicals used in these cleaning products are causing damage to the airways of the respiratory system...........Read more

Robotic Heart Surgery

A man in the Liverpool Chest and Heart Hospital has undergone a heart surgery under the hands of a robot. It’s amazing to know that his recovery was shortened by 5 weeks with the help ..........Read more

The Google Image peace deal

It will now be difficult to save images from Google after it had made a peace deal with Getty images. Previously, Google's image search made it easy for people to find Getty Images pictures and take them, without th..........Read more

Oman desert as “Mars”

To prepare life on Mars, astronauts have created a simulation planet in the Oman’s barren dessert. They aim that one day human would be able to live in planet Mars. They also wore pressure-stimulating suits while gr..........Read more

Public sector waste, a huge problem for Lebanon

This article gives anecdotal evidences that the Lebanese public sector is overstaffed and wasteful with many government entities being funded but without any purpose. This is the root cause of the chronic budget def..........Read more

Lebanese Central Bank comes to the rescue

The Lebanese Central Bank has unveiled a $1 billion incentive package which could add 1% to the GDP according to economists. This is a timely intervention as the government’s options are severely constrained by the ..........Read more

Facebook’s shameful act against Israel

In the midst of tension between Israel and Palestine, Facebook has been accused of insulting Israel for they exclude it from the list of Country options when creating a profile. New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind..........Read more

Product returns, a threat to small traders

Online shopping has been in demand to most people nowadays because of its convenience. However, the increase in the number of online customers also means an increase of possible returns to sellers due to defects, an..........Read more