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Stolen ancient artifacts returned to Lebanon

Finally US have returned Lebanon’s treasures which were stolen from a temple during the Lebanese 1975-90 civil war. The three ancient sculptures which include a marble bull’s head were displayed at the National Muse..........Read more

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman threatens Lebanon authority

A statement cited by Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman that joining bids to search for oil and gas in their claimed maritime territory is against the rules, has been considered by Lebanon as a threat to thei..........Read more

Jordan government blamed for the expected hike in unemployment rate

In line with the report published by International Labour Organisation (ILO), Jordan Labour Watch issued a report stating that employment rate in Jordan in the coming years will decline. They emphasized in the repor..........Read more

Art, an escape from bad memories

Mr. Bukai, a Syrian survivor used his photographic memory to sketched all his experiences during Syria’s civil war. Through art, he was able to deal with his trauma and at the same time he was able to raise awarenes..........Read more

Bahrainisation: MP seeks sops for private sector

Bahrain MP Adel Hameed has suggested that private companies employing 80% or more Bahrainis should be exempt from various fees to obtain permits. He claims that the measure would contribute to Bahraini jobs and help..........Read more

The love of 2 male penguins

The Birmingham Repertory Theatre will produce a children’s play which is based on a  true story of two male penguins, who fell in love at Central Park Zoo and went on to foster a baby penguin,  which was m..........Read more

The new space missions

The space lasers would be able to track the Earth’s ice especially in the Arctic. With this new opportunity, scientists would be able to measure the sea-ice thickness more accurately.

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Breaking News: New Muscat Airport opening on March 20

The new, long-awaited Muscat airport passenger terminal will open on March 20 the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced. All inbound and outbound flights will transfer to this terminal from that date.Read more

Kuwait to spend $500b on oil projects by 2040

Despite the threat of long-term low oil prices, Kuwait has announced plans to spend more than half a trillion dollars boosting the countries oil and gas output and refining capacity.

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War of words between human and AI

The robot was able to beat a human in the game of scrabble. This only means that the robot would now be able to interact with a human being and this might also includes interaction in the workplace. This only means ..........Read more