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Oman is one of the safest countries in the world for expats, survey says

An InterNation’s survey has listed Oman as the 11th safest country for expats, ahead of all other countries in the Middle East. The survey asked 14,300 expats representing 174 nationalities to rate 43 dif..........Read more

Manila says Filipino workers’ ban in Kuwait ‘long overdue’

Philippine citizens have been banned from working in Kuwait by President Duterte. His spokesman claimed it was due to widespread abuse and exploitation. About 250,000 Filipinos work in the country, mostly as domesti..........Read more

The Lebanese banking sector is over exposed to the country risk according to S&P

The rating agency S&P in its latest report has highlighted the "very elevated risk" of the Lebanese banking sector which suffers from an over exposure to the country risk; this is because the banks' balance shee..........Read more

Electricity 'fees' on way in Oman

A new fee is to be levied based on electricity consumption in Oman the Muscat Municipality announced. The fee will apply from February 1 and will range from 0.5% to 2% of the bill.

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Kuwaitization of public sector jobs urgent priority

Government bodies are being asked to give commitments to reduce the number of expat employees in order to reach the 2022 Kuwaitization plan targets. The plan seeks 100% Kuwaitization by 2022 in categories such as IT..........Read more

Singing beats post-natal depression

A new study has found that channeling your inner Beyoncé can help speed up the symptoms of post-natal depression. Furthermore, these researchers found that mothers who participate in group singing sessions with thei..........Read more

Did you know that butterflies live for 200 million years ago?

It has been discovered by researchers that earliest fossil evidence showed the winged insects were already present 200m years ago alongside the early dinosaurs. This new knowledge could help scientists help learn mo..........Read more

Oman’s first snow park to open at Mall of Muscat this year

Billed as a real snow and ice indoor amusement park, the attraction will include a snow mobile track, snow fall, snow bumper cars, ice climbing wall, an ice skating rink and much more. The park is due to open at the..........Read more

Can dogs detect cancer?

It’s a fact that dogs have an excellent sense of smell that they can potentially sniff out cancer in humans. Based on studies, cancer detection is possible for dogs since the difference of smell is so significant th..........Read more

New functionality to be introduced on WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook, the owner of both WhatsApp and Instagram has announced Beta testing on a new functionality whereby Instagram users can chose not only to share their “stories” on Facebook but to also share them with select..........Read more