An online masters degree program is one of the most comprehensive education programs available to students today. This type of program may be used by those who have obtained their bachelors degree in the same subject area and want to continue their education. Here are some of the most common questions (with answers) on these online programs.

  1. I do not want to go back to a traditional school setting, how do I get a Masters degree?
    • Simple, register for an online program with workshops for support and online sessions for discussions. It is important to have discussions while you are studying for any program as this will allow you to expand your knowledge and understanding of what other people are looking for.
  2. Can I do a specialized program?
    • You have the option to do a specialized Masters degree in a field that you are interested in or currently employed in. Alternatively, an online program allows you to obtain a general MBA degree as well provided this fits your masters degree requirements.
  3. I am currently working but want to get my masters, is this possible?
    • One of the key benefits to an online masters program is that it allows you to earn an international accredited degree in your own time. In other words, you can obtain your higher education qualification when it is convenient for you to do so. That may mean taking part-time classes, evening classes, weekend classes or online classes. It may also mean getting the bulk of your studying done over the weekends.
  4. How can I be successful on an online program?
    • If you register for an online program many of the courses are self-propelled, so it is vital to keep your motivation high and form study groups (online or locally) to support you through this journey. The most important thing is staying in constant contact with your mentors and faculty so if you are experiencing any difficulty they can assist when possible.
  5. Will prospective employers look down on an online education?
    • When you decide to take an online masters program, ensure you are taking a course offered by an accredited school. While interviewing with a prospective employer, if questioned about the authenticity of the program, reassure them that the institution is a legitimate institution and you were/are a registered student. If needs be they can run a check directly with the University to check on your registration.
  6. Will my current employer accept my qualification and grant me a promotion?
    • Prior to registering for any course (online or traditional) it is essential that you check with your immediate manager or the HR department if such a degree is accepted. You could complete a short postgraduate qualification in your country of residence but that may not be accepted by your company. It is always recommended to check before you register.
  7. How do I know if a qualification is genuine?
    • You should run a background check on the company that you are registering through. Most Universities outsource their admissions to local offices to assist potential students with their applications, however, this mass outsourcing has led to a number of 'mom and pop' shops (companies) being set up without any legitimate/prior experience in admissions processes. The easiest way to do this is to check directly with the University or check with your local council regarding the local company.

Almost all online degree programs are run thought some of the world most-respited and respected universities and colleges. The quality of your education does not defer if you attain a degree online or in a traditional brick n mortar school. In fact in some instances the local faculty have not been quality vetted directly by the University and this could have a negative impact on your overall education.

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