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Online MBA UK - Changing Careers Using an Accredited Degree

21-Aug-2017 08:53:36 / by Nabeela D'Sa

Nabeela D'Sa

For those who are unsure of what an UK Online MBA or a Distance Learning MBA UK program is, it is a degree in business administration that you pursue distance or via online learning after you have completed your bachelor's degree. In some cases you may not have completed a full bachelors program but achieved a diploma or a certificate in higher education and coupled with a minimum number of relevant years of work experience can also enroll onto an MBA program.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a popular course for business students all across the globe. This program is considered to be a major step up for someone who wants to pursue a successful career in business management.

Any business postgraduate degree is popular because it adds great value to your skills and capabilities in the field of business and administration. No matter what profession or industry you are scaling from a business administration degree will benefit you to progress into managerial positions in your company, particularly the executive and/or director level positions.

So after understanding what this degree can do for you, let us now talk about how it can assist in changing career paths and more importantly, how you can progress in your career path.

If you have been working in the field of marketing at a mid managerial level for a minimum of 4 years and you are looking to advance or upgrade or even change your career, the next logical step would be an MBA in a specific field such as Quality Management, Finance (that is if you are good with numbers), Logistics and Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship and so on.

How is this possible? Your foundation is solidified through your bachelor's degree and the years of experience you have as a marketing professional. Many graduates feel that pursuing an MBA soon after their undergraduate degree is completed is a good idea, however this is not recommended. The reason being, if you have not experienced the real world you would not be in an informed position to know whether finance or quality management or entrepreneurship is the way forward for you.

Moving forward, you have to address you personal goals and aspirations when deciding on a specialism on your MBA. If you decide that your end objective is to be the General Manager of a multinational corporation then pursuing a general MBA would the best option. However, if you decide you want to become the Marketing Director of an MNC then logically an MBA in Marketing or Advertising or Sales would be most relevant.

In the above example, let's say our marketing professional has decided to brand out into logistics and supply chain, in this case an MBA that has a module focused on supply chain management and procurement would be essential such as the University of Northampton MBA with CIPS accreditation. This would then help the candidate change careers from working in an advertising agency to managing and marketing a freight forwarding company, this candidate could also open up his own freight forwarding or cargo company.

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In every situation, you need to weigh to pros and the cons and this could not be more true in the came of an Online MBA UK program. Here are some pros of getting an MBA degree online:

  1. It will give you the competitive edge you require.
  2. Many MBA graduate pursue jobs in managerial posts
  3. Many MBA graduates will earn higher salaries than their non-MBA counterparts

How about some cons:

  1. MBA's are expensive!
  2. Many people feel they can learn more on the job than in the classroom
  3. Some companies do not demand an MBA to progress to a managerial position so why spend the money, time and effort?

In the end the decision lies with you and your personal goals for your life. This is an innate decision that needs to be made after due consideration and here are some tips to helps you in that consideration process or click here to read 5 reasons to pursue an Online MBA:

  • Make sure you research and enroll yourself into an accredited and internationally recognized MBA UK Online degree program that is QAA accredited for the UK and vetted by the Department of Education for the US.
  • Find a program that is flexible and meets your schedule not the other way around. Yes, it is important to make time for your studies, however, with personal, family or work commitments you program schedule should be amendable for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Investigate how many students are active in a classroom at any given point in time. Classes with more than 40 students tend to get distracting with very little learning achieved and little personal attention given to you as an online student. Support is critical to succeed in online programs.
  • Networking is crucial to any business individual wither at work or at school, so investigate the caliber of the faculty, the profiles of the students and most importantly the alumni. This will be a true gauge as well as help you in acquiring promotions or make a smoother transition into a new career or job.

Go for a UK Online MBA and build a successful career now!

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Nabeela D'Sa

Written by Nabeela D'Sa


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