How do you pursue a postgraduate diploma in health and social care? If you are working as a public health worker or a volunteer social worker and you want to excel in your field or boost your career opportunities then here is the best option for you, the Master in Science in Health and Social Care offered through Edinburgh Napier UniversityThis course readies you for more challenges in the social work sector and will also improve your knowledge, skills and mindset to help you work with groups of people in various walks of life. You can pursue this program through a classroom setting or online

Other more niche health education programme (s) are available such as a Masters in Diabetes Distance Learning - directed at individuals who are currently working with diabetes patients - or a BSc in Nursing, for those interested in completing their qualifications as a nurse. These courses are all conducted 100% online which means you can continue working while studying for these qualifications. 

BSc in Nursing

A registered Nurse with a diploma or an advanced diploma in nursing studies can top up to a complete bachelors degree with this online nursing course. discussing relevant and contemporary nursing practices, this programme offered by Edinburgh Napier University is designed to deepen the knowledge through evidence based practice and develop a critical approach to health care and management. 

Masters in Diabetes Education and Management

The Masters in Diabetes course may also be of interest to you as it is directed at those seeking to acquire specialised knowledge surrounding clinical care and research in adults suffering from diabetes. According to the website, "The rate of diabetes in parts of the Arabian Peninsula is over twice the global average rate, and much higher in some other areas of the Middle East and North Africa." ( The article goes on to blame the unhealthy lifestyles and the lack of physical activity as a result of the wealth created from oil to the major contributors to the obesity in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The makes a course that promotes clinical research and care in the field of diabetes and its graduates quite sought after individuals.  

Masters in Diabetes Education and Management

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