If you are considering a career as an economist, you’ve probably been faced with the choice to pursue either a Masters in Economics or an MBA courses specializing in something similar. These two courses are further away from each other on the spectrum as they could possibly get. However, they each have unique properties that make them invaluable to those seeking employment in the respective fields. This article will help you understand whether you should take up an MA Economics or MBA. First, let's define what they are.

Masters in Economics online is an academic graduate degree that educates its students to conduct economic research based study and activities. This course particularly equips its students with skills in collection, interpretation, manipulation, and analysis of policy and policy-related studies. As a result, most Masters in Economics programs are more academic, mathematical and theoretical than an MBA.

(Two other specialized masters programs that are fast gaining popularity are: Masters in Construction Project Management and Masters in Actuarial Science.)

The MBA is a professional graduate degree that educates learners how to apply economic theories in a real-world business setting. It is different from a Masters in Economics since the students, in this case, are taught problem-solving, team approach,  business psychology and presenting/structuring marketing plans and business ideas in real-life situations.

An MBA holder would typically work in a broader range of businesses and within these companies often work directly with clients at a managerial level. With an MBA, you can work in small businesses such as consultancies, education, healthcare, investment banking among many others. An MA Economics graduate is more restricted to theoretical rather than applied fields of work such as research institutions, consulting firms, and investment banking.

Part Time MBA Programs

If you are living in Middle East, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Africa, Saudi Arabia and have been at a crossroads with this decision, the easiest way to decide what course to take is by finding out what exact skills you are looking for in the course. If you want a broader, more professional take, an MBA should be your go-to. However, if you want more of academic and theoretic dexterity, a Masters in Economics Dubai program would suit you. Learn more about part time MBA programs here.

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