If you are employed and plan on pursuing Master’s in Human Resource Management, it is a good step towards advancement in your career. Now, you may be wondering if it is possible to juggle your job, your course, and your personal life all at once, without compromising on the quality in any of these things. You may want to study from a highly ranked university that is based in another country, but that would require you moving into the country, including all the travel and living expenses. So it may seem that the Master’s is going to consume your entire life, and it will end up with you quitting or taking a break from your job, except that it is entirely not the case.

You can continue your job and still get decent time to study with an online Masters in ThinkingHuman Resource Management. This means you do not have to relocate or travel to and from university, take evening or weekend classes. Obtaining a Master’s in Human Resource Management  through distance learning is the best option for working individuals as the program is designed for students with a busy schedule. It gives you the flexibility to study from home, on your laptop, with all the learning resources, tutors, and lectures provided online. Not to mention that your employer may even be ready to fund your degree.

How to balance work and study?

Your next question may be: So how do I manage both job and studies together and still achieve the work-life balance? Well, the ideal number of hours you need to be spending on studying are 14-15 hours per week, which is quite less than the usual 40-50 hours you spend on your job per week. This means you only need 2-3 hours per day, which is an average estimation depending on your pace of study as well.

In short, quitting your job just to study Master’s is not a wise choice. In fact, having a job while studying provides you the opportunity to apply your learned concepts at workplace and gain the invaluable experience you need to progress in your career. It will even be a testimony of your dedication and time management skills to your current or future employer that you carried both things efficiently.

Our Programmes

Stafford proudly provides you with two highly-ranked UK universities with Masters in Human Resource Management with flexible options through distance learning.

MSc in Human Resources Management from the University of Leicester– Ranked in the top 2% universities worldwide,  it is a blended learning course that provides you with the complete timetable for the list of workshops and Master Class sessions throughout the duration of the course, with the flexibility to attend at least three out of five workshops in this course.

MSc in Human Resource Management from the Edinburgh Napier University – It is ranked in the world top 5% universities and gives you the option to study one or two modules per semester.

Visit our universities section to obtain further details on our Master’s in HR courses and contact us to get assistance from our experts.

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