Education in UAE is undergoing a phenomenal change.Just as the rest of the world is focusing on improving the learning journey, the UAE has set up authorities to monitor the quality of education at every level of the system, right from kindergarten to the graduate programs UAE has to offer. 

The Ministry of Education in the UAE is developing the system to the assess and qualify every step of the education journey and they are making progress but people around the world still perceive the UAE as a holiday destination and a tourist spot rather than an educational one. Here are the most misunderstood facts about graduate programs UAE:

Lack of Scholarships

Students around the world prefer to pursue graduate programs with with scholarships awarded for merit or achievements of any kind.It is a common misapprehension that institutions that offer graduate programs in UAE do not have funding available. There are hundreds of scholarships and grants available by Universities, government institutions and even angel donors. Even the royal family grants scholarships such as need-based and merit-based scholarships for graduate students to pursue international courses such as a master of global business.

Only Arabs teach there

It is a misperception that postgraduate programs in UAE are only taught by Arab nationals. But this is not true either. The quality of education delivered, by international faculty staff members as well as Arab faculty staff members meets (and surpasses sometimes) the international standards of education. The UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are a global metropolitan cities where all nations are united. There are numerous world-renowned professors delivering global online MBA programs in the UAE. Many campus based institutions have hired academics from the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Lack of programs

It is wrong to assume that the UAE doesn't offer a variety of postgraduate qualifications such as the global online MBA. Top ranked institutions such as the University of Leicester, University of Manchester and Strathclyde Business School offer an MBA, an Executive MBA or even a Master of Global Business

Furthermore, there are numerous online courses in Dubai both at the postgraduate level and undergraduate level that can cater to a variety of disciplines including Science, Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Social Sciences, Medical, MBA, Religion based studies, Politics and so on. There are separate departments for better efficiency just as it is done at world renowned institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Aberdeen and so on.

Insufficient research facilities

There is a lot of research that is conducted in the UAE, covering a myriad of topics such as crop sustenance, solar harvesting, water purification, oil extraction, cultural developments, preservation of natural habitats and so on. So then why do people not know about all these advancements? It has only to do with the marketing surrounding the touristic spots and vacation destination advertisements. So, it is presumed that the research facilities into graduate programs are not enough. Moreover, there are thousands and thousands of dirhams granted to research facilities by the government of every discipline.

Working professionals aren't allowed to study

Like in all other countries around the world, working professionals are allowed to pursue higher education while they are employed. Sometimes companies are flexible enough to allow employees to attend full time MBA courses (daily evening classes) allowing them to leave a couple of hours early to attend classes. UAE is a growing country with scope of becoming one of the top 10 cities in the world to live in and they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure this is achieved.

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No international campuses

DIAC - Dubai International Academic City, DKV - Dubai Knowledge Village, RAKEZ - Ras Al Khaimah Education Zone, SEZ - Sharjah Education Zone and just the most popular free zones dedicated to education in the country. Thus, the UAE has various campuses of renowned international universities all across the country. There are campuses of high ranking universities of the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. They offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are also online courses in Dubai like an online MBA offered by top-rated UK universities and there are 104 accredited international universities for e-learning as published by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Graduate programs are cheap

We are yet to find a postgraduate program that is cheap, unless it is an illegitimate set up. The cost of education around the world, including the UAE, is not cheap, it may be more cost effective in the UAE, due to the range of living options, the choice to downscale expenses and so much more. But the tuition fees itself for any reputed, ranked, quality checked institution at any level along the education pyramid is effective. Moreover, there is a number of funding options for the students as well.

International Students are not accepted

The universities in UAE accept students from all over the world. It is not true that UAE universities only offer admission to the local students. They provide opportunities to the international students in all programs, program levels and disciplines. However, the eligibility and admissions requirements (entry criteria) may differ from one discipline to another and they may even differ from one institution to another. But there is absolutely no favoritism or nepotism employed in granting admissions, funding or even scholarships to applicants.

Only on-campus Graduate programs

The UAE is an advance nation with its head high looking to the clouds for it has no limits to its growth and development. As such, the education system in the UAE is equally advance and there are both online courses available along with the on-campus studies. Hamdan University, an accredited Smart University is a great example of their understanding of the necessity of the hour. Other UK institutions are also aware of the receptiveness of the government and their understanding of technological advances that they offer their online MBA programs across the Middle East.

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