United Arab Emirates is a country where tradition and modernity go hand in hand. Earlier the place was just a hub for tourists, businesses etc, but now they have a better place for the students to complete their Masters degree too.

The UAE offers advanced learning with social experiences while keeping its Arabic values and tradition intact. UAE attracts a number of international students to enrol for a wide range of postgraduate degrees. Studying masters degree in UAE is a different experience altogether for the students. The students get an advanced learning system in a professional environment.

The largest cities of UAE-Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are a place with huge university campuses for both international and national students.

MSc Security and Risk Management

Risk management is a sub category to business and management that involves education in identifying as well as preventing all sorts of possible negative outcomes in an organization. Risk managers are involved in decision making in various fields like corporate compliance and risk, IT and cyber risk, risks related to workplace safety, risk in financial and banking services etc

If you want to pursue your degree in security and risk management in UAE, you can go through the 3 different MSc Dubai masters programmes available. They are MSc in Aviation Safety, MSc in Air Safety Management and MSc in Aviation Security.

Some of the Universities in Dubai for Masters Degree listed below can help you choose the best:

UD (University of Dubai)

UD is a nationally as well as internationally recognized university located in the centre of Dubai city. The university offers master’s degree in business administration (MBA), law (LLM) and MSCIS

Zayed University

The university offers masters degree in arts, media sciences, communication, business etc

Some other reputed universities that offer masters degree in various fields are HCT, BUC, AUD, UOWD, BUiD, AUE etc.

There are many master degree courses available in various colleges and universities located in UAE. The students can enrol for the master degree course of their choice. Let us have a look at some of the available courses in UAE in reputed universities:

  • Masters of Business Administration (General)
  • Masters of Business Administration in Finance
  • Masters of Business Administration in Marketing
  • Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management
  • Masters of Business Administration in Sustainability
  • Master of Education
  • MSc Building Services Engineering
  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Informatics
  • MSc in Engineering Management
  • MSc in Structural Engineering
  • MSc in Information Technology Management, and many more

After completing your MBA degree you can apply for jobs in various sectors in UAE like construction, healthcare, IT and telecoms, logistics, retail, advertising, entertainment, hospitality etc. UAE market is always short of the right candidates for senior positions. If you have the right skills, job opportunities are waiting for you. *

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