Education serves as a powerful weapon that can be used to conquer the world. In the previous years, educators in universities in the UAE were considered as the only mode of knowledge distribution to the next generation.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, only limited amount of information was delivered for a number of reasons such as lack of resources, capabilities, access to information and so on. The primary objective of the information delivered by the teachers in the classrooms was positive/successful exams results. There was no concept of understanding due to lack of open communication between students and teachers and restricted or limited approaches to group learning. Previously, traditional teaching methods were adopted that includes teacher-centric classrooms, chalk and talk methods, improper alignment between objectives, activities and assessments and regimented classrooms.

With the advancement in technology, any kind of information can be assessed globally from different sources there are even online language courses. So, the drawbacks in traditional teaching methods can be eliminated with the introduction of technology. To cope up with this changing trend in information, evolution in teaching courses in Dubai is mandatory. The need of the hour is to introduce modern methods of teaching. Modern teaching techniques require the merging of technology with the traditional ways of information dissemination. This essential evolution in teaching can be achieved by Collaborative learning, Differential learning, Activity-based learning and Learning labs, Interdisciplinary learning, Flipped classrooms and Problem- based learning. Online learning is another way of conveying information by internet instead of delivering a lecture to a physical class.

The University of Nottingham, the best University in UAE for the PGCEi, have been focussing on this concept for many years now. Nursery Teaching Courses In Dubai such as the CACHE level 3 have also given importance to the introduction of technology as an early age is the best stage for a child’s learning and mental development. It is necessary for child caregivers to have sufficient knowledge about the behavior of children and they should be well trained. These courses have a focus on theories and principles of childhood learning as well as inclusion.

After completing a PGCEi course or a Master of Education academic program, it is easier to direct your career onto the path of Child Development Officer, Nursery Manager, Manager of Out of School Care, College Lecturer in Early Years, Team Leader in Early Years, Nursery Officer, Senior Early Years Worker, Early Years Education Officer and Roles in Local and National Childcare Initiatives and the likes.

We all agree, 'Teachers' are the vital component of a nation’s education and prosperity as they are the stairs towards success. The more the teachers are trained and well-educated the more they will be able to deliver information effectively to the students. Some of the best short-term training courses in UAE are:

  • Advanced Teaching Tips
  • Communication in Learning and Teaching Certification
  • Development of Managerial and Technical Skills for Training Specialists and Coordinators
  • GED Diploma
  • How to Teach Online and Create a Passive Income Stream
  • Innovation in Classroom Certification
  • PGCEi Teacher Training Course
  • PTE Academic Preparations (Classroom Training and Online Practice Sessions)
  • Teachers Administrative Training
  • Teaching Methods
  • Train the Trainer


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