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The latest Doctorate degree has finally been revealed!

31-Jan-2017 09:45:59 / by Maninder Thind

Maninder Thind

Pursuing a doctorate degree after you have finished your masters is a great way to improve your expertise in your field and will give you an edge over all other people that may be considered for a promotion or to lead a special project. Getting your doctorate degree also shows that you are very much interested in your chosen field of study and you would like to become increasingly effective in your work.

And what better way to complete your doctorate degree than to take this up online. There are currently a number of top universities and educational institutions that offer doctorate degree programmes online, such as the University of Northampton DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration).

The following are some of the latest doctorate degrees that are currently available online.

  • PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This doctorate degree provides students the knowledge and skills to become proactive and innovative business owners. The business industry is constantly changing and this course equips students the right tools to manage changes constructively. This course is available online and offline and requires a student to attend a full or part time depending on the university.

  • Online PhD in Leadership

This is a special doctorate degree course that prepares people who intend to lead or guide businesses, companies, communities and groups. Students will learn the skills and the right mindset to become a good leader. This course is new and is available for part time or full time depending on the institution or university.

This programme is designed for experienced leaders in the private and public sectors. The DBA enables candidates to make a contribution to knowledge through the novel application of theory with the result being an enhanced capacity in thought leadership for organisational change, and greater preparedness for senior roles. Candidates engage in advanced research within a multi-professional learning environment in a flexible and blended way and develop independent critical judgement related to a specialist area of management and business.


  • Applied Social Research Doctorate

This is a doctorate degree that prepares researchers to take on special social research jobs and to work with experienced and professional people. This programme will help students conduct their own original research in their chosen fields of study. This is offered either part time or full time depending on the university and is mostly done through online study.

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Maninder Thind

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