The MBA can be a very long, difficult and tiresome degree. If an MBA degree distance learning programme is taken on with more specific criteria or with specialisations, then it can be even more taxing.

MBA degree distance learning programme from the UK!A lot of MBA programs are long although not always tiresome for which you are handed the important task of deciding on which program to enroll yourself on. What is more essential is deciding on the specialisation that meets your current and future employment / career objectives.

Here are some details on available specialisations to make that decision easier for you:

Social Networking

Social networking has become the most popular MBA specialisation for today's world. Many businesses use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn which have changed the concept of running businesses and acquiring customers. As per this change, universities and schools of business have added a specialised module for social media networking & marketing under a Marketing specialised MBA program.

Entrepreneurial Studies

The recession has hit hard on the Western part of the world and employment opportunities are grim. This is a major reason why many people have lost their jobs and Universities and Colleges have found that a number of people are interested in enrolling on an MBA with a special interest in Entrepreneurial studies. This is the second most popular MBA specialisation which people register on in the hopes of eliminating their financial dependance on corporate employment.

Environmental Policy

As the world moves its focus to global warming, business schools have also directed special attention to this field of study. This course encourages personal responsibility and educates the students that graduate from this program on theory, techniques and approaches to help organisations and businesses become as 'green' as possible. This positive approach from educational institutions has a major trickle effect on both employment landscapes as well as professional development of an individual.

Social Entrepreneurship

In recent times there have been some serious social problems due to which the topic of social entrepreneurship has gained increasing importance and has now become a popular MBA specialisation. This program impacts, and helps students deal with, business growth and expansion through creative utilisation of business tactics which help combat social, cultural and environmental issues not as an end in itself. To further elaborate, the CSR exercise executed by McDonald's where they developed cost effective housing for below the poverty line members of society who could then work in the restaurant is a good example. This is the reason a number of top business schools around the world have electives in Social Entrepreneurship.

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