In this technology era, the online mode of study is becoming very popular. E-learning is an interesting and convenient way of making education available for the masses. it is encouraging to know that the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has enlisted 104 internationally accredited online universities on its website that they have recognized as e-learning providers in the UAE.

Universities such as Edinburgh University Dubai use modern technologies and deliver lectures on various programs via multifaceted platforms with the objective of keeping students engaged and avoiding alienation on programs such as the accredited online associates degree in business. There is a lot of uneasiness and misgivings about internationally accredited Online Universities in UAE and the rest of the Middle East which lead to skepticism and fear leading to problems. But one needs to do their research and get in touch with the local authorities and confirm if the institution is a legitimate provider of higher education in the parent country.

Having said that, the worst pieces of advice on business universities in UAE or even online courses in UAE are:

  1. People who have not had the opportunity to complete their formal education such as high school or a bachelor's degree can learn everything online through an online institution.
    • This is NOT TRUE. Yes, working professionals with a stipulated number of years of work experience can gain entry onto postgraduate level courses and this is also true for on campus programs in the UK.
  2. People who do not have English as their first language cannot succeed in online programs
    • This is NOT true either! Yes, all UK institutions require that students who have not completed their undergraduate qualification from an English medium institution would require to provide an IELTS or TOEFL result. This is so that the University's admissions team can ascertain that the applicant can succeed on the program as all material, including lectures and discussions are conducted in English. This is also the case for on-campus programs.
  3. You can learn anything online
    • This is NOT true! Yes, people can learn DIY projects, simple software applications and even business management, advertising, marketing and so much more online. However, you cannot become a civil engineer online. You cannot become an aeronautical engineer online, you also cannot become an astronaut online. Can you? These are specialist fields that require a high level of expertise and knowledge on part of the individual and this knowledge can only be had through physical learning and exploring.
  4. Studying online means there is a lot more leeway and slack
    • This could not be further from the truth! The same guidelines and regulations that apply to campus based students are applied to online students. The only difference is that online students are provided with the flexibility of learning at a time and place convenient for them. Lectures are pre-recorded and saved on their e-learning environments and the tests, quizzes, or assessments are all conducted online as well.

Above are some of the examples of the wrong advice given to people exploring the world of online education and learning. It is not easy to study online but it is not impossible either, provided you have the right support from both the University and your family. Pursing an online course will demonstrate to the world (especially potential employers) that you are focussed on learning and growing. Edinburgh University Dubai offers an internationally accredited Online Degree in Business Management that allows candidates to pace their studies to match their existing commitments. This is the ideal solution for working professionals looking for a convenient way to study with the best business school in UAE. 

Some of the best Universities in the world are now offering programs online such as an Executive MBA, an MSc in Business Management, an MSc in Psychology or Construction Project Management.

There are a myriad number of choices available to candidates and it is up to the individual to find the right program for their career aspirations. For this purpose it is always advisable to seek advice from professionals who can guide you to the right path.

For instance, Edinburgh Napier University offers an MSc in Business Management with a duration of 21-33 months and it is accompanied with an exclusive Stafford Grant of USD 1000 off the tuition fee.


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