What about 2019? In 2019, the University of Leicester has some great developments planned, they are looking to have newer and more relevant programmes launched that would help highlight the current trends in the business world and beyond. Their research is unparalleled with some of the highest accolades and achievements in the fields of history, aeronautical science and physics. Stay tuned for more updates...

2017 is the year of the University of Leicester and Stafford Associates, where students get superior academic support to complete their chosen programs successfully. With Stafford Associates, thousands of graduates were able to select the best path for a successful career and to gain promotions in their respective fields.

Online learning programs

One of the reasons why this is the best year for Stafford Associates is the ever-growing portfolio of distance learning and online learning programs. At present, there are over 50 UK University Graduate Courses (BA/BSc/Diploma/Certificate), Postgraduate Degrees (MA/MSc/PG Diploma/PG Certificate) and Doctorate programs (DBA/DSoc) offered by Stafford Associates.

Quality learning near or far

The University of Leicester accepts students from all around the world. With their distance learning and online programs, you can be across the ocean and still study at the university. Online learning is considered by many students because it gives them access to quality education despite their location. There is no need to commute, to travel to the university, or to place your career or your life on hold because you want quality education. With just a laptop or a tablet and a stable internet connection, you can take up courses offered by Stafford Associates any time of the year.

Getting ready for your career through online learning

There is no stopping you from enhancing your skills and acquiring new knowledge to boost your career. Through Stafford Associates, you can study courses that are relevant to your career; you can take lessons and courses at your own pace or take these head on. Remote study also allows students to learn anytime and in an environment suitable to them.

Great programs at the most reasonable price

Regular full-time degree programs cost a lot of money, but at Stafford Associates, learning is possible without leaving a hole in your pocket. You can also save on travel expenses, accommodation expenses, and save on time and effort while pursuing a higher education degree or course because you don’t have to travel anywhere.

If you are thinking of taking up a graduate, postgraduate or doctorate course then consider online learning education. With online learning you can save money and time, plus pursue a degree that fits your career path without interrupting your personal life or your job. The world has just become smaller with more amazing opportunities to learn when you study online.


Click here to view a list of University of Leicester distance and online learning programmes offered by Stafford Associates in the Middle East.

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