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Top 3 Assessment Tools for Online Learning Courses

24-Aug-2016 11:09:23 / by Nabeela D'Sa

Nabeela D'Sa

The paradigm of the educational shift in our digital era, from in-class teaching and traditional assessments to an online system with varied assessment tools for online learning has proven to be quite a success. Online Learning courses use a new more collaborative assessment techniques as we discuss 3 of them here. This is a pacing era that is evolving on the basis of technology; it helps you reach out to the windows of opportunity that open up due to the possibility of new resources. The objective behind the shift is to make education more accessible to the students all over the world. Teachers and teaching assistants would not necessarily have first hand experience in distance learning on an online PGCE in Dubai.  Even though, these courses provide more exposure; a multicultural, globalized vision to the subjects and courses, the receptiveness to online education in UAE is not as profound as it ought to be.

The purpose of this article is to introduce assessment tools used in distance learning in UAE and how they are more relevant to the digital era we live in. 

Three assessment tools for online learning:

  1. Use software for designing online quizzes and questionnaires. There is various software that create a game like atmosphere for the students to learn from, such as IXL - a K-12 learning platform that helps you develop quizzes and skills, - a website that helps you build fun and creative quizzes
    • Also,, has shared a similar article that has a whole range of free to use quizzing and testing tools, have a look at it. 
  2. Use of online multimedia resources for presentations or to conduct an interactive Q & A session, is another useful way to incorporate ICT in learning. Here is what the Online Learning Consortium has to say on the use of online multimedia
    • K5 Learning is a great resource that allows reading and math assessment of children in a new environment that they are familiar and comfortable with. (only from K - 5 assessments)
  3. And then most importantly, you can move on to project based learning and assessments, currently the new norm in the United States, as it allows for team learning and exposure to different mindsets and points of view - leading to a more robust learning environment that the children flourish in. 

The technology is becoming cheaper and accessible day by day creating the potential to explore various dimensions of online learning. The expenses of traditional higher education like Masters in Education is increasing year on year. A college degree is important to build a career this is why teaching professionals are offered the freedom to work through the duration of the course and are allowed to study at their own pace, saving the amount of time they sit in large lecture halls.

Earning your Masters of Education degree online is a great idea, start today! 

Educators find that they can communicate more easily with the new student of the next generations as they themselves get more adept with the technology used during their PGCEi course. This distance learning program focuses on the teachers and teaching assistants ability to engage their students in interactive lessons that involve audio and visual presentations, discussion boards and chats, conferencing, use of animations and other techniques for demonstration.

Some interesting websites for drafting worksheets that can be incorporated with assessment and online homework (mainly primary classes) are:, and 

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Nabeela D'Sa

Written by Nabeela D'Sa


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