Earning a teaching qualification through an online mode of delivery can be a productive use of your time if you are a full time educator and one of the major topics covered is assessment tools. This article discusses the top 3 assessment online assessment tools that are used today. As a full time educator, the success or shortfalls of your teaching methods can be gauged from an assessment of the students and their grasp of the subject matter. There are many different assessment tools out there but the essence of an assessment tool is to ability to provide development points on each candidate or the class as a whole. Since each assessment tool is unique the right one for your teaching methods and your students is subject to the learning envorinment and enhancing the same, the age group and most importantly the material. 

Here are the top 3 assessment tools that educators and students both agree will help anyone out in the long run in a variety of different programs and subjects.

  1. Socrative: This is one of the best online assessment tools out there as it works if you are pursuing a special courses or just looking to see how well your students know any given piece of information. It provides comprehensive assessments that help break down where the problem areas lie and also how well they are doing in a given area. This is a great tool that helps many people and one that is becoming a standard in the industry.
  2. Another great assessment tool focused on courses that help one learn online, is Kahoot. Kahoot is interesting in the sense that you can use many different devices, whether it is a computer, phone, or tablet, to join other people taking the same quiz. Whether you want to use it as a study aid with flash cards, or even just play games and other programs to help learn online, it is a great resource for all involved.
  3. The last tool that is gaining popularity is Zaption. Zaption allows the educator to post videos and the students to ask questions at the exact moment it shows up on the video. It is a clever play on the word “caption”, as if you are providing captions to the video. (Dec 2017 update: Zaption is closed but here are some alternatives as suggested by Free Technology for Teachers)

All of these assessment tools have one thing in common for anyone pursuing an online teaching diploma, and that is it helps to prepare you for the future. Whether you are looking for an online teaching diploma, or just want to do better in any subject, these assessment tools are here to help and guide in shaping your future. Try them out for yourself and see why they are each becoming great aids in the industry and beyond.

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