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Universities that offer finance courses advise CPA/CMA/CFA careers

16-Aug-2017 15:17:52 / by Nabeela D'Sa

Nabeela D'Sa

There are a number of universities that office finance courses and an online degree in finance is your best option is you are eyeing for a job in financial planning, corporate finance, insurance, investment banking and even real estate. Having said that, a number of graduates usually move on to complete their CFA, CPA and CMA exams and identify these certifications as their ultimate career goals.

The study of finance evolves around the science of funds management such as saving and lending money. This is a relatively naive definition of what is actually involved in the finance department of any organisation. Technically though it deals with the spending and budgeting of finances where money, time and risk factors intertwine.

There are three predominant areas of finance: Personal Finance, Business Finance and Public Finance.

When it comes to personal finance, it involved paying / financing for education, durable goods like cars and real estate, insurance, investments and even for retirement purposes. A financial planner would be best equipped to help a lay person manage their finances and help them achieve the solvency they so desire.

Business finance is a field that deals with banks, deposits, payables, receivables, audits, debt and so on from the perspective of a corporation and not of an individual. They can even look into investment and liquidity of the company as well as interest charges on loans.

Lastly, public finance is as the term implies is involved with the public sector and maintaining of the accounts of the department with a stipulated level of transparency as transcribed in the doctrines. This is by far the most complex job profile as there are a large number of high value transactions and a great deal of complexities as we all know most economies suffer huge deficits that trickle down to be managed by the individual departments.

So now that you understand the different levels of financial management required by all sectors of the economy, a degree in finance will equip you with the knowledge required for a a grounding in the field. In order to rise above the ranks universities that offer finance courses recommend you progress on to become a CPA / CMA / CFA and this way you can really lay your foundation at your current employment and career stability.

The curriculum covered in an online degree in finance will provide you with the fundamental financial management tools which can help you succeed in analysis as well as executive major managerial decisions. However, a CMA only will know how to interpret the financial statements and draw valid conclusions that help in making the major managerial decisions. Do you now see the relevance of a CMA certification? This logic applies to the CPA (public sector) and the CFA (personal finance) professional certifications as well.

Once you gain your desired (more like required) certification in the relevant sector you need to then make sure you are registered with the appropriate society. This is an exceptional way to network and understand the scope of employment opportunities available in the country or city you are interested in. For instance, in UAE, there is the CFA Emirates Society which is affiliated with the CFA institute, that plays a role in being a steward of the investment management industry.

Your first step though is a degree in Finance, either online or full time, start here to see the University of Leicester's masters in finance course or click below. 

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Nabeela D'Sa

Written by Nabeela D'Sa


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