The University of Northampton has been awarded the ‘Gold’ mark by the UK Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework, this is the highest possible mark.  

Here is the official judgement by the Government:

“Based on the evidence available, the TEF Panel judged that the University of Northampton delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students.”
“It is of the highest quality found in the UK.”

We take this opportunity to congratulate the University and are extremely proud to be in partnership with the Northampton University Business School offering their CIPS accredited MBA with workshops in the UAE. It is a great priveldge to add this Gold mark to the already lengthy list of the University of Northampton ranking which can be explored on our website

What is TEF?

TEF is a league table run by the Government of the UK and is considered an ‘official’ ranking where universities, colleges and private providers are judged on the quality of the education they provide.

Why was the University of Northampton awarded Gold?

The government rates what the university provides to its students and found the following to be “outstanding” –

  • Levels of employment or further study for graduates
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Personalised student experience
  • Academic support
  • Approach to involving students in research, scholarship and professional practice

Stafford Global has been in partnership with the University of Northampton since 2014 and are proud to be their exclusive partners on the Blended Learning MBA. This programme has all the modules taught by fly-in faculty directly from the University and are the same professors who will review your assignment as assess your progress on the MBA course.

Get in touch with a consultant to review the details of the programme, alternatively have a read of our blog where a graduate of the University of Northampton MBA has communicated 10 important items to remember prior to registering for an MBA.

Stafford are also the recipient of the prestigious ‘Small business Award’ for the 2016 awarded by the RAK Free Trade Zone Authorities. 

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