The best distance learning courses are those that are internationally recognized and accepted worldwide and therefore should be undertaken with the objective of securing a job anywhere in the world. Some of the highly ranked and reputed institutions with online courses can be found in the United Kingdom (UK). Stafford represents 6 of these world renowned institutions catering to the education needs of people around the world. Stafford pioneered UK distance learning in the Middle east and has now expanded to cover North American and most of Africa.  Universities under the Stafford banner include the University of Leicester, University of Northampton, University of Dundee, University of Aberdeen, University of Nottingham and Edinburgh Napier University; all of which are the best distance learning universities recognized globally.

Online Courses in UAE

The job market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is highly competitive with a higher per capita income and is also recognized as a desirable country to live in. The increasing growth of free zones and the conducive attitude towards entrepreneurship has brought the country to the focus of many businessmen.  As such, the country has created an elaborate environment for Distance Learning courses UK to be delivered via learning management systems in the region. The Ministry of Education has even published a list of universities that are recognized for e-learning along side the provision of e-learning through home-grown institutions such as Hamdan E-learning University and Abu Dhabi University. 

None the less, the British education system and their institutions are in high demand in the Middle East and are considered the most disciplined in the global environment. The rigorous research and planning that goes into prepping a course for online delivery ensures that distance learning students are at par with full-time or campus based students, whether it be research facilities (online libraries), mentoring (support and admin systems) and the availability of the faculty for the students (webinars, presentations and scheduled calls), online students have the same access to resources as would any other student. 

Distance Learning Courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are central to the growth and expansion of the UAE and Ras Al Khaimah isn't far behind. Universities from all over the world have recognized the need for more specialized and varied post graduate education and have sought to have their branches in one of the above Emirates.  Others such as University of Leicester or University of Northampton or Edinburgh Napier University that are focussed on shifting the delivery of almost all their programmes of 100% online are collaborating with local representative, such as Stafford to recruit students onto their programmes.

The UAE market is booming  and more so with the Expo 2020 round the corner, there are ample opportunities for young professionals who are looking to progress in their careers. Through the country’s global expansion philosophy, guided by the forward-thinking leadership, only the best distance learning universities are available for postgraduate education.

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