In a nutshell, the best distance learning course is one that is pragmatic with real world examples and less technical/purely academic in nature . Using the mentioned description, one of the best distance learning courses for the teaching profession would be the PGCE (post graduate certificate in education) teaching qualification. 

Modules that a teachers undertakes on the PGCEi can be understood easily through formal explanation during workshops and consultation online through the digital learning platforms.

Distance learning courses can only be achieved through an online platform. For the Dubai educational market, online educational courses offered by the University of Dundee pioneered under the Stafford Global umbrella are considered the best. Click here to check out education courses offered by University of Dundee.

Bachelor in Education

The Bachelor degree is earned after attending  the undergraduate level of the qualification and accounts for basic education that is required for someone interested in pursuing a career in education. With the added pressures on the teaching profession; especially when asked to match up to international standards; presents both opportunities and threats for teachers and other employees in the region. Without the adequate educational qualifications, the schools ranking is impacted and this directly influences the ability of the school to charge premium fees and/or the ability to upgrade their facilities. Thus, for the overall benefit of the society, it is recommended that teachers have their undergraduate degree from high quality educational institutions such as the University of Dundee, an internationally renowned top ranked UK institution.

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Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

The PGCert course offered by the University of Dundee is recognized as an international certificate and can be used for securing job in the UAE international schools, Saudi Arabia International schools as well as migration to other parts of the world. An International PGCE distance learning program equips the student with a higher level of understanding on teaching methods and methodologies along with  practical and tried-and-tested techniques and concepts to improvement both the learning experience for the students and the learning environment. Pursued after completing an undergraduate program such as the Bachelor in Education program; this program also requires into prior relevant work experience in a classroom setting for potential educators to successfully enroll onto the course.

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What next after the PGCE? Higher Education

A next higher level of education after the PGCE that can be undertaken is a Master’s program. A Masters in Education Dubai is also internationally recognized, even if undertaken online. Moreover the 60 credits earned on the PGC level can be mapped to provide you exemptions towards completing an MEd. However, if you decide to pursue your MEd through the University of Dundee you can be rest assured that all your 60 credits will count towards a full masters degree.

When pursuing this program through an online platform in Dubai, students take advantage of the growing demand for well trained and highly qualified educators at all levels of education, primary, secondary and even university level in this region. 

The main advantage of internationally recognised and internationally accredited programs and education studies is that the qualifications are globally recognized and one could land a job in any country.

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