The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) has become a popular course among high school graduates aspiring to build a career in any business oriented field, such as finance, marketing, economics, business law and so on. And there are many career prospects that present themselves after completing a Bachelors of Business Administration.

Career Prospects after BBA

  • Entry-level positions in major companies and factories: You can explore the corporate world and get a job that comes with good pay. The BBA is broad in the scope of knowledge imparted and would make you a viable candidate for Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resource among many other specializations in the corporate world.
  • Entrepreneurship: With a BBA, you can pioneer and run your own company based on the skills in management you acquired from the course.
  • Government jobs: Many government and banking jobs require dexterity in banking and business, something explored in great detail with students on a BBA.
  • You can work in various foreign embassies as more and more organisations, be it NGO's or social sector companies, have realized that there is a need for more efficiency and business-like orientation in their operations.
  • You can also go for trending jobs such as digital marketing, wealth management and even, social media marketing, as the foundation is laid in the bachelors programme.
  • Pursue an MBA: A BBA builds a foundation onto which you can progress to an MBA. This is a postgraduate qualification and will warrant a much higher salary at completion on account of the specialized skills and knowledge acquired on the programme.

So how would you learn more about a degree(s) in Msc security and risk management  or a masters in data science? 

The BBA is considered a stepping stone to an MBA. An MBA is a professional post graduate-level degree that will provide you with leadership training and the skills to tackle business affairs and management for positive business outcomes. The leadership and management training that comes with an MBA are key to unlocking positions such as CEO and COO of major companies. A BBA gives an MBA student the capacity to better understand of the course material compared to someone who has not studied BBA.

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The career prospects business administration degrees bring forth are worth exploring, especially a Master of Business Administration. You can enroll at the University of Northampton today after completing your BBA and accumulating an appropriate number of years of work experience. For more information on the courses offered at the Northampton business school, visit this link.


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