A Master of Business Administration degree is the most sought after degree in the field of business. The MBA degree is not just studied by business professionals, it is also a popular choice of degree amongst professionals from diverse backgrounds such as health, education and leadership. You can be a doctor or a practicing nurse looking to manage your department or start your own healthcare business, or you could also be an educator aspiring to start your own educational institute, with the MBA degree being applicable to all professionals working across various industries. The reason for studying an MBA varies from one person to the other with some of the most common ones being to acquire business management and leadership knowledge, managing people across departments and industries, venturing into a new start up spaces, or for personal career growth and development.

How an MBA can be studied online

Online degrees are the nouvelle version of distance learning where all studies and course materials are provided electronically. Universities across the globe have adopted to this rapidly evolving mode to provide their programmes online and reach a wider audience. Even the programmes that are otherwise taught via full-time, campus based mode of delivery have adopted online learning to some degree to facilitate the learning process. Needless to say that online learning is here to stay and is swiftly evolving the education industry.

Recognising the potential of online learning and the increasing penetration of online programmes in the Middle East and foreign markets, Stafford Global has partnered with various UK based universities to provide a number of programmes that can be studied either fully online or via part time with workshops to deliver quality education. Our students come from diverse industrial backgrounds and years of expertise to gain qualifications which are highly revered amongst major employers and corporations. The programmes offered through Stafford are highly flexibly, completely affordable and well recognised by different employers and companies, worldwide.

Entry Requirements for our MBA programmes

At Stafford, we have partnered with 3 UK universities to offer MBA programmes either online or through a part time study mode. The Universities include the likes of University of Leicester, University of Northampton and the Edinburgh Napier University, each with a world renowned reputation and its own rich history.

Our programmes are designed in a way most students can smoothly adopt to online learning without feeling overwhelmed or anxious about online studies and the required student support. The universities are open to candidates with a valid education degree and years of experiential background, and strongly encourages applicants to apply for the MBA and make a successful application.

The standard and the non-standard entry route

There are two types of entry into the MBA programme; the standard and the non-standard entry. As per the standard entry route, applicants need to have a bachelor's degree and three to four years of executive or managerial level work experience to be eligible for an MBA. The work experience can be demonstrated through the applicant's CV where you can mention your daily job roles and work routines for the university to understand and evaluate your eligibility.

Applicants without a formal bachelor's but with at least 5 years of solid managerial experience can apply for an Online MBA through the non-standard entry route. In such cases, the applicant's resume should demonstrate the relevant managerial functions performed on a daily basis. Students are also advised to submit a work based reference confirming their managerial functions conducted at their workplace, for the university to make a formal decision on the applications.

Our English Language Requirements

Some universities like the University of Leicester conduct an English assessment to evaluate the applicant's English language abilities. The University of Northampton, on the other hand, conducts a student interview over the phone to assess the suitability of a candidate in terms of English language requirements. With the Edinburgh Napier University, the applicant is required to submit a work based reference confirming that the English language is the official mode of communication in the company, hence requiring no IELTS.

Some universities like the University of Leicester and the University of Northampton conduct online student interviews in order to assess the applicant's readiness for the MBA. In this case, your Stafford consultant will guide you to successfully complete the student interview.

How we can help

In order to guide applicants with the right choice, our Stafford consultants are here to support you throughout your application and registration journey. As we have specialised in distance education for over 25 years, our consultants ensure that you are making the best career choice by investing in the right educational programme. Our admissions expertise allows us to serve applicants in the most efficient way to help them gain a successful entrance into the programme.

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