In the era of fast-paced lifestyle, intense competition, and hundreds of alternatives to reach one goal, the education industry has grown rapidly and tailored to meet the needs and convenience of students all over the world. There are hundreds of universities that provide Human Resources courses through distance learning. If you have obtained a bachelor’s or diploma in Human Resources or related field, you must be assessing your options to get your Master’s degree in Human Resource Management to avail the best option.

There are three main approaches that lead you to a Master’s degree in HR, and we are going to explain each one to help you decide the route that suits you most.

1. Regular Learning

This traditional system requires attending classroom lectures at the university which can be either full time or part-time. Full-time mode would mean spending most of your time in classrooms and the library, having complete access to resources, tutors and fellow students. This may help you create personal and business connections, participate in activities and have a social life.

However, its downside may involve compromise on your job, personal life, and convenience. Not having a job would also mean you would have to fund your education through other means and above all, studying without work experience will only equip you with theoretical knowledge with no practical application of it. This can be avoided in the part-time mode with evening or weekend classes, which could be managed with a job and even a funded by your employer.

In both cases, you would need good time management skills and self-discipline to take out time for study, commute to and from the university and fulfill your personal and career responsibilities.

2. Distance or Online Learning

Distance learning education is the popular approach being adopted by many, given its high level of flexibility and same quality as that of a full-time degree. It basically allows you to complete your course without the need to live on or around campus to attend classroom lectures. This is the best option to study HR courses online if you are occupied with job or family obligations, giving you the convenience to fit your studies around your busy schedule.

Even the most traditional universities are offering online postgraduate with the same educational degree equivalent of a full-time Master’s degree, with the perks of completing it from the comfort of your home. Although the nature and content of such courses vary from university to university, most of the courses include a mix of video lectures, online library material, and support of a personal tutor.

Amongst the many pros of studying online, getting your Master’s through distance learning shows a sign of independence and dedication which will surely impress your current and potential employers. Distance learning is also comparatively more affordable than a full-time Masters – but the format of an online Masters means that it’s easier to work and earn as you study.

Online Master’s in HRM offered by Stafford

Stafford Global provides three online distance learning masters programmes from the following top-ranked UK universities

  • MSc in Human Resource Management and Training (University of Leicester)
  • MSc in Human Resource Management (Edinburgh Napier University)
  • Doctorate of Social Sciences - HRM (University of Leicester)

All of the above-mentioned universities providing Master's degree include great online support, tutors for every module and online discussion forums to ensure interaction among the students.

3. Blended Learning (Part-Time)

Earning a Master’s through blended learning is an innovative way to gain a high-ranked postgraduate degree. It focuses on both the pros of flexibility and face-to-face learning, by mixing classroom studies and features of online learning.

Blended learning is a growing choice for working population for getting a Masters as it strikes a suitable balance between both online and traditional learning. You get the opportunity to meet your tutors and classmates in person through workshops. The workshops may include an evening lecture every two months or a weekend session annually which is arranged to make it reachable for full-time employees and international students. It may not be compulsory to attend all seminars; however, some universities may keep a minimum requirement for attendance.

Stafford Global provides MBA in Human Resources through blended learning from the University of Leicester.

  • Part-time Distance Learning MBA (University of Leicester)

MBA with specialization in Human Resource from the University of Leicester allows you to study online with a chance to have face-to-face workshops through the annual Leicester Masterclass and regular residential workshops conducted at the Global Centres to help you enhance the skills that are best learned face-to-face, with the cross-culture experience and a network of knowledge and opportunities. The University if one of the top ranked institutions of the world and the programme is taught by impressive academics offering great deal of  knowledge and insight into the individual modules.

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