A company’s secret to success always lies in its best ability to manage its employees, which is the function of its Human Resource Department. HR is the backbone of a business as it connects all the departments and its people. The fundamental responsibility of an HR professional is to recruit,          motivate and retain skilled and committed employees through training and support.

HR specialists ensure that the business can utilise its employees’ skills in the most productive way while looking after the importance and interests of employees at the same time. They also develop effective recruitment strategies, make the best compensation schemes and train employees to ensure their growth in skills and learning.

With a degree in Human Resources, there are many options you can branch into and create your niche in areas such as recruitment, employee relations, training and development or compensation and benefits management. You can be employed by a consulting firm and provide knowledge and services to other companies. In contrast, you could be interested to manage the policies and practices of the entire department at a small to medium sised firm. Such jobs require all-inclusive knowledge and experience to work with top management for hiring and training procedures as well as supervising day-to-day matters.

What can you do with a Master’s in Human Resources?

Gaining a Master’s in Human Resources can put you on a fast track towards a high-earning HR position. It can be the best tool for a mid-career escalation into a managerial level or more specialised work. There are various jobs related to Human Resource Management you can venture into with the following responsibilities.

  • Human Resources Specialists –This position usually leads the main function of the HR department – Recruitment. The specialists takecare of all or some of the tasks like pooling new recruits, posting job advertisements and interviewing candidates, validating etc. Other duties may include handling payroll and training employees. According to US BLS, a bachelor’s degree in HR or business related field is typically necessary to qualify for this job.
  • Human Resources Managers - After serving the above duties in human resources or a connected field for some years, you can move up the ladder to a management position. In some situations, taking that leap may call for a master's degree. This role includes planning and forming strategies, working with top management, administering daily responsibilities and taking care of disputes and issues.
  • Training and Development Professionals –This is one of the many specialisations in HR projected to grow faster than other jobs, as per BLS statistics. This job involves working with every level of the management from executive to employees; establishing the skills and knowledge that need to be delivered in training programs, followed by creating the content, and planning and hosting the workshops to deliver the training by leading a team. After gaining some experience in this field, there is a good chance to advance to management level.

 Human Resource Management courses offered by Stafford Global

Stafford Global provides a range of human resource related courses via distance or online learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels from its highly-ranked partners.

  • Undergraduate Degrees: 
    • The Diploma in Human Resource Management (University of Leicester): The diploma in HR Management is an online programme offered by the University of Leicester that lasts for up to 19 months and has a progression route to the full Bachelors degree. The programme can be studied completely online and comes with a flexible study schedule which allows you to work and study at the same time.
    • BSc in Human Resource Management (University of Leicester): Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Higher Education, students can progress on to complete the full BSc degree by spending another 19 months on the programme. This can also be studied purely online. 
    • If you have already obtained a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management or a related field and need a step up to a Master’s in Human Resources, choosing distance learning will enable you to complete this degree without sacrificing your job and your family life.
  • Post-graduate Degrees
    • MSc in Human Resource Management and Training (University of Leicester): The MSc Human Resources Management and Training programme is taught purely online and can be studied over a duration of approximately 2 years. The programme covers all contemporary topics related to the field of Human Resources field and the factor that have shaped today's workforce environment.
    • MSc in Human Resource Management (Edinburgh Napier University): Edinburgh Napier University is another university which provides a completely online MSc in Human Resources programme and gives maximum flexibility to students to manage their studies and work. The programme is taught by an impressive faculty with wide range of industrial experience in the field of Human Resources. This programme can also be done over a span of approximately 2 years.
    • Doctorate in Social Science - HRM (University of Leicester): The University of Leicester provides an option to Master's degree holders to further strengthen their research expertise by undertaking a doctorate degree in Human resources. The various topics covered in this programme are sociology of work and employment; sociology of education; human resource management; human resource development; education and training and learning.

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