As universities gear up to accept enrolments for online MBA programmes across the world and students prepare themselves to kick-start their careers by embarking on these programmes, recent surveys reveal how online MBA courses are helping  an increasing number of professionals. The distance learning  mode of education (either fully or predominantly online) is not foreign to modern day professionals as this is the most convenient option for most of them, given the workload and busy work schedules comprising modern day work life.

If you are one such professional trying to juggle work and social commitments and still aspire to study an MBA to gain your next promotion or join a bigger company offering lucrative growth opportunities, then you will definitely benefit from this blog as we cover the various features and benefits of online and distance learning MBA programmes.

Stafford Global with its humble beginnings in 1993 recognised the increasing popularity Online-studyof online and distance learning modes of education and partnered with some of the highest ranked UK based universities to offer online and distance learning MBA programmes. Currently we have MBA programmes from three different UK universities including the University of Leicester, University of Northampton and Edinburgh Napier University. As these universities respond to industrial changes, they have incorporated online and distance learning education programmes to cater to foreign markets and help professionals across various fields realise their professional goals.

The learning process through an online MBA programme is fairly simple and ensures all students are equally supported throughout the duration of their studies. All universities use a Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Moodle, Breo, Minnerva, etc. The aim of the LMS is to administer learning by hosting online tutorials, web based lectures, seminars and allow for sharing and uploading of lecture material, module content, assignments and discussion forums. The LMS is designed to facilitate communication between students and tutors on various platforms and ensure students are connected and remain up to date with module changes and updates.

Feedback and assessment takes place online where students can upload assignments and the University's tutors provide feedback on the basis of the work submitted. The UK based tutor always encourages communication from students and the student support team is in place to ensure every student is assisted with any questions and concerns with regards to their studies.

Traditionally online learning was not as popular as the working population still preferred to spend their hours on a campus to gain a degree. However, with the IT revolution and digital platforms gaining recognition, most business professionals prefer accessing learning materials on the go. The benefit is that students can always access lecture materials from the comfort of their home or even from an airport lounge whilst travelling. Online studies also provide students with an opportunity to immediately practice the skills gained into their current roles and hence share their success stories with fellow online classmates. The entire hallmark of online MBA programmes is the flexibility involved which attracts an increasing number of students every year.

As technology evolves and impacts professions and businesses across the world, an integrated online learning platform allows for a sophisticated learning experience, one that is guaranteed to succeed as an increasing  number of students successfully graduate online. Whether your aim is to take on a senior management role, be a better manager or start up your own venture, an online MBA might just be the solution for you.

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