Upon completion of a high school degree even the A-level or the O-level, most parents and students look to pursue a bachelors in their field of interest. But what is a bachelor degree and why should you get one?

Anybody looking to pursue a career in any field most definitely requires a bachelors today such as the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a BSc in Business Management. There are even engineering degrees at the bachelor / undergraduate level as well as medical, IT, design and other arts. However, the most popular course today is the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. So, in this article we will address this course and how it actually works even as online learning courses.Are you interested in starting a online college degree, speak to our consultant  to find the right fit. 

A bachelor degree typically consists of 360 credits in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as defined by the Quality Assurance Authority (QAA). (read more about the credit framework of the UK here.). This translates into the secondary cycle qualification for the Framework of Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (FQ-EHEA). In the US, a bachelors (more commonly known as a college degree) consists of 120 to 128 credits. 

Typically broken down into three levels, the bachelors comprises of a certificate, a diploma and a BA/BSc level.

Let us further dissect the bachelor degree in the UK. Typically broken down into three levels, the bachelors degree comprises of a higher national certificate, a higher national diploma and a BA/BSc level. Each level is 120 credits and the sum of all three levels equals the 360 credits required.

Most high school students will start at the certificate level and this is starkly different for professionals who are returning to formally complete their education as well as those pursuing online business development courses. Professionals are usually granted APL (accredited prior learning) for completing professional qualifications such as the ACCA or the PMP or the CPA and with international distance learning universities, APL is granted on the basis of prior relevant work experience (where applicable). It can be quite overwhelming to understand where you stand, so it would be advisable to speak to a consultant with years of experience who can guide you through this process.

The below image puts the UK education system and its associated credit framework into more perspective: 


For the purpose of comparison, below is an image of the credit framework in the US:


Are you interested in starting a online college degree, speak to our consultant  to find the right fit. 

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