A DBA or a Doctorate in Business Administration is a level 8 qualification offering students a unique opportunity to reflect and research on complex business issues and develop innovative solutions. The DBA programme is aimed at Senior Professionals working in or planning to move to higher management roles. As the DBA programme centers on business research and a practical application of knowledge gained at higher levels, candidates are required to hold a recognized Masters degree with sufficient knowledge of academic writing and research principles.

At Stafford Global, our partnership with the University of Northampton allows us to offer a unique opportunity to study a Doctorate in Business Administration Programme, taught by specialised UK Tutors with rich experiential and academic backgrounds. The University Of Northampton Doctorate Of Business Administration is offered part time (via distance learning) with compulsory weekend, face-to-face workshops held in the UAE.

Key skills and knowledge covered in the DBA

The Northampton DBA is specifically designed for the contemporary business environment and issues surrounding global business practices. As this DBA is designed to prepare business professionals for higher management or consultancy roles, candidates are required to have sufficient experience and knowledge on management theories, principles, concepts and practices.

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The DBA centres around the development of knowledge in research methods, reflective practices, research leadership and governance. As students join the DBA programme, they are introduced to various research methods (existing in current research practices) along with the skills to identify the ethical implications of each method and the possible strategies to tackle these implications effectively. Once students are well acquainted with the various research principles, they progress onto learning and exploring quantitative and qualitative data analysis, including data collection. Upon successful completion of this module, candidates will develop a greater understanding of managing both qualitative and quantitative data whilst deriving meaningful results for strategic decision making.

Developing leadership skills in business is another core module that students will complete in this DBA programme. As the name suggests, students will develop innovative research leadership skills to conduct intensive research, whilst identifying obstacles and bottlenecks to overcome, ensuring a transparent and efficient research process.

 Once a student has successfully completed the stated modules, they can then progress onto the reflection phase of the research process. Here, students are encouraged to identify and explore areas of research in their own organisation and conduct an evaluation of the concerned topic supported by extensive literature. Once completed, students can provide meaningful recommendations to further strengthen and enhance business operations and practices in their concerned organisation.

Upon successfully completing the first 5 modules of the DBA, students will be well equipped with various research skills and knowledge required to undertake the Research Thesis module. Here, students are required to execute an independent and original research investigation by identifying a research topic (from knowledge covered from previous modules) and present a professional piece of research comprising 40,000 words and covering all aspects of an independent research investigation. The thesis when presented to the research panel will be followed by a viva voce examination where students will be required to formally defend their research.

Structure of the DBA programme and support involved

The standard duration for the University of Northampton DBA is 4 years. Students focus on developing a detailed understanding of research topics and concepts in the first 2 years over 5 modules, followed by developing an independent piece of research thesis in the last 2 years. The workshop sessions designed for the first five modules will help students to access live tutorial lectures, aimed at enhancing a student's understanding of the module and assignments involved. The assessment is conducted by a range of techniques using case studies, individual assignments, group presentations, seminars, debate, reflective reports and research proposals.

The modules are administered via the NILE online facility, where learning materials such as e books, presentations, case studies, assignments and an e-library are provided to further facilitate learning. Students have ongoing student support from the university staff and tutors, ensuring a rich academic experience. As part of continuous learning efforts, students can participate in discussion forums on the online platform to share knowledge and skills learned in the DBA whilst encouraging participation and support from their peers.

Stafford Global as the local partner

Stafford Global is the proud partner of the University of Northampton to offer an enriching DBA programme which is taught part time, via blended learning. Our partnership allows us to screen, identify and recruit the perfect DBA candidate while grooming them to successfully complete the application process. The university's rigorous admissions process requires students to submit a research proposal and undertake a panel interview to identify and prepare them for further study whilst guiding them on the academic commitment involved. Our DBA consultants at Stafford are here to assist and guide DBA candidates throughout the application process and ensure a smooth registration and enrollment onto this programme.

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