The field of data science employs professionals with the skill and passion to analyse large amounts of data to derive meaningful results and conclusions. Data Scientists are responsible for exploring and evaluating source-specific data, building on it to develop insights, formulate strategies and refine action plans for further growth. An interesting article written by Bowley (2018) mentions data mining, statistical analysis, cloud computing and software development related skills are the most in demand with employers right now. Data Scientists are fast rising to be amongst the highest paid professionals, with 45% more job openings in this sector, than any other field.

MSc Data Science programme structure

UK’s Edinburgh Napier University offer an impressive portfolio of degrees that can be studied online without having the need to attend classroom based studies, one of them being the online MSc in Data Science. A flexible master's degree programme from a top 5% University in the world (THE, 2019), the Edinburgh Napier University Masters in Data Science covers topics such as Data Wrangling, Data Analytics, Data Driven Decision Making and advanced professional practice via work based learning. These modules teach practical, work-based skills that can be instantly applied to an organisation.

Online MSc Data Science

MSc Data Science programme structure

The online MSc Data Science programme is currently studied by working professionals looking to enhance knowledge in the field of data science.  As the degree is taught via online learning, this flexible MSc can be studied without compromising on work or personal commitments.The online MSc in Data Science also requires students to undertake an MSc Thesis by conducting research on a relevant data science topic of their interest.

 Learning tools available in this degree

The MSc Data Science degree programme can be completed between 21 and 33 months. The online learning platform provides students with access to learning materials such as e-books, case studies, quizzes, assignments as well as a number of resources in the forms of journal articles, e-magazines and research papers available at the university's digital library.Students can expect to indulge in conversations and debates surrounding the latest trends in data science and are encouraged to participate in discussions forums amongst tutors and fellow classmates.

 Benefits of studying the MSc Data Science programme

The programme is beneficial to anyone whose scope of work includes roles related to business, analytics, computing and software. Professionals who are employed in roles requiring statistical analysis and interpretation of various data sets and presentation to derive essential results can study this Data Science degree programme. The online classroom consists of students from different professions spanning across both public and private sectors and from different industries such as computing, statistical sciences and business. The programme also encourages students to develop insight into the data related policies, regulations and strategies to analyse and interpret date in an innovative and unique manner. This in turn further reinforces competent skills and expertise in line with an organisation's strategic development.

Our admissions are currently open

The Edinburgh Napier University is open to accepting applications for our upcoming intakes of the MSc Data Science programme. Stafford Global being the local resource centre of the Edinburgh Napier University invites students to enquire today and arrange an interview with our experienced academic consultants to help you make a smooth application on this engaging degree programme. Our consultants can be reached via phone or emails and area always here to provide you with a detailed discussion on your programme of interest.


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