The nature of our "information age" and methods of communication used are changing rapidly. One aspect of this is the way in which technology is becoming an essential part of our everyday lives especially as a conduit to distance learning in UAE.

In general, the impact of technology on society is becoming more and more visible, as technology is now expected to be used in the proliferation of information. As a direct consequence of these expectations, there has been a parallel paradigm shift in education.

As resources shrink and learning requirements expand, many educational institutions are relying on communication technologies, such as distance learning, to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of education. Ostensibly, distance learning has the capacity to reach many more people in a more cost-effective manner than traditional classroom instruction.

Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. It doesn't matter where one lives – now it is possible to gain a degree from anywhere in the world. Traditionally, distance education involves correspondence courses in which the students correspond with the university via snail mail or post.

Now, the question arises here is that why the trend of distance education is emerging in UAE and all over the world? The answer to this could be best explained by understanding the reasons for the cause of this changing trend. 

Firstly, by adopting distance learning, students get rid of every day traveling and their time is also saved that was wasted during commute. Distance learning facilitates an adaptable routine that is not possible with regular university education. Now, students are able to work and deal with their personal issues with effective time management. This approach maximizes the learning opportunities for comprehending the learning material. For the above reasons, it is the best choice for financially independent people to explore distance learning alternatives to a postgraduate or undergraduate qualification.

Internet-based education usually involves more affordable tuition than traditional college or classroom based education. But this does not apply to every case as it depends the university and discipline one chooses. Moreover, the chances of early employment are enhanced by this technique as it allows the student the flexibility to study at their own time and their deadlines and submissions are communicated in advance so they can better plan their studies, work and life! 

The top ranked distance education universities who are providing distance education in UAE follow the same international practices as international institutions. Distance education Dubai has managed to create hype among prospective students and sought after employers.

For the candidate with 10+ years of work experience, the idea of going back to school/university to attain a bachelors degree is quite overwhelming. Imagine yourself a 30 or 35 year old sitting among 19 and 20 year old fresh high school graduates starting a bachelors degree. 

So let's address the questions what is a BBA course? How can a working professional with disposable financial resources, strained time commitments and pertinent family demands use distance learning to their advantage? 

This is where various options on distance education in UAE such as a business management top up degree distance learning has provided  less daunting solutions to working professionals. 

For instance someone who has attained a foundation degree certificate that is  equivalent to two-thirds of an honors bachelor's degree can easily complete the BA top up degree to earn a complete Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) qualification. 

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