Every organization has various departments wherein work is divided into different teams and groups. These teams and groups in an organizational setting are called Departments. Every business, irrespective of the nature of the business, has different departments which handle a particular set of task. Just like Marketing and Sales, Logistics and Procurement and Finance department, there also exists the Human Resources Management department also known as the HR department.

HumanresourcemanagementThe HR department is concerned with the people of the organization. All issues concerning the people of the organization are handled by the Human Resources department. The various concerns of the Human Resources department is the management of its people, functions, training and development. Responsibilities such as identifying the need of new workforce, placing job averts, screening job applicants and hiring them, providing training, development, orientation and managing and benefits are just some of the functions of HR professionals.


Importance of the HR field

The contribution and the importance of the field of Human Resources cannot be overlooked, given the amount of attention and debate attributed to HR practices and employment laws. In the contemporary business environment, HR is often seen as human rights which is concerned with the well being of the employees of the company. The role of the HR department is all the more important in shaping the organization culture and hence the employee's behaviour.

With a rise in reporting standards and the emerging social media trends, HR whistleblowers often report cases of HR related frauds and employee grievances. In US alone, in the year 2014, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), confirmed an approximate 89,000 case of workplace discrimination and various other charges including 133 lawsuits and heavy monetary fines. With such cases easily reported in the mainstream media, the role of the HR department assumes further importance to help an organization be successful, both internally and externally.

Why do you need to study Human Resources Management ?

With the rise in business opportunities and the much needed attention attributed to Human resources management field, there is a strong need for HR professionals to maintain a strong knowledge of the field of Human resources as well as the shifting employment laws. With that being said, HR professionals need HRM degrees to help them specialize in this field and carve a career out of it. There are a myriad of Human resources management courses available wherein HR professionals can specialize in their concerned area of interest and excel in that field.

The typical Human resources manager in Abu Dhabi with a staggering 20 years of experience and a Master's degree in Human Resources earns an average salary of approximately AED 209K, as per payscale.com. This demonstrates the requirement of HR degrees and the scope of carving a successful career with it.

However, some professionals find it difficult to leave their current job and return to academics to pursue a Master's degree in Human resources. If you are one such professional, looking to sharpen your knowledge of the field of Human resources by specializing in it, then you don't need to worry as some of the best UK universities provide online Master's degree with Human resources specialization. The benefit of studying online is that you don't have to leave your job and social commitments and you can easily study from the comfort of your home or office.

Best Human Resources Management programmes offered via Stafford Global

Because of the rising demand of educational degrees and increasing popularity of distance learning courses, Stafford Global has partnered with various top ranked UK universities to provide online degree programmes in various field. One such partner university is the University of Leicester which provides an MSc degree in Human Resources Management. This programme is for a duration of only 2 years and students are required to dive deep in the field of Human resources whilst studying Employee development and workplace learning, Managing Human resources and researching on the topic related to Human resources.

The University of Leicester also provides an MBA degree, with a specialization in Human Resources Managment. The MBA degree is taught part time with regional workshops in the UAE. The duration of the programme is 30 months and provides students with networking opportunities in the form of the workshops.

Another top ranked UK university which provides an MSc in Human Resources degree is the Edinburgh Napier University. With a programme studied over a span of 2 years, the MSc Human Resources programme covers topics such as People and Organizational Development, Labour Relations, Learning and Development, Employee Resourcing and Research Methods. The Edinburgh Napier University is ranked in top 5% of universities in the world and students can also study an MBA degree purely online with an exclusive specialization in Human Resources Management.

According to Frederick Herzberg, the renowned Clinical Psychologist, and the author of 'The Motivation to Work' (1959), “True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition.” All these factors are directly related to the field of Human Resources and proves how paramount the HR field is, for the success of an organization.

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