Working professionals across various industries are always required to maintain an up to date knowledge  on management affairs and an international economic outlook. Whether it is a business field or a non business one such as medicine, sports, creative arts or education, professionals from all these backgrounds can greatly benefit from a master in business administration degree. An MBA not only introduces you to concepts of marketing, finance and economics, but also covers topics such a leadership, innovation, strategy and decision making, skills which are crucial to every field. As students uncover knowledge in each discipline, they will appreciate an enhanced understanding of various economic and societal changes and how it impacts our day to day business operations and work lives.

There are a number of MBA programmes available for students to choose from thousands of universities across the world. However choosing an MBA programme that suits your professional needs is not that easy, given the time and cost constraints. In cases like these, the  most convenient option for students is to study an online MBA programme or one that can be taught via distance learning. At Stafford we have three MBA programmes from some of the highly reputed UK universities such as the University of Leicester, University of Northampton and the Edinburgh Napier University. Our partnership with these universities allow us to deliver a flexible MBA which can either be studied completely online or as combination of online learning and face to face residential workshops. The programmes are quite flexible and the degree that you receive has the same value as the one awarded at the campus.

MBA Career Path

With an MBA degree, graduates can apply for various job opportunities to take the next step in the corporate world and upgrade their career. Along with work experience in technical roles, an MBA degree can take you to a managerial position in that field.

Below are just some of the job roles that candidates can apply for, upon successfully completing the MBA.

  • Product Manager: For candidates working in this field, the position of product manager offers lucrative growth and financial awards with responsibilities ranging across different departments. Ideally product managers are responsible with liaising with the marketing, finance and operations teams to develop innovative solutions and products within fixed budgets. Almost every business requires product managers to develop solutions to fit contemporary market trends.
  • Healthcare Managers: The field of medicine and healthcare requires professionals who can convert financial and marketing data to  long term goals and strategy. Analysing a large amount of data and converting it into measurable results is what the healthcare industry needs. A healthcare professional with an MBA  in health management can apply for managerial position in this field and help steer the organisation forward and get profitable results.
  • Education Managers: If you are an education professional with a bachelor's in education or a PGCEi holder, then you can definitely benefit from an MBA degree as various top ranked colleges and universities are looking to cater to a wider audience whilst introducing online and part time courses worldwide. Some of the best universities in the world are looking to expand their reach across different continents and hence require MBA degree holders with experience in international business to expand overseas. Business development expertise is also one such requirement for higher education managers.
  • Management Consultants: MBA graduates can work as an independent management consultant or can work with a team specialising in consultancy. Management consultants are required by various companies to offer advice and feedback in terms of performance, strategy, expansion, investment, hiring and productivity. They typically work with higher management of a company and work on matters related to cost efficiency and profit making, whilst establishing the business to project positive growth.
  • Data Analysis Managers: As companies report an increase in profits and earnings, a need for hiring data analysts increases in order to manage and collate large amounts of data and derive practical results. As a manager of data analysis, you will be required to collect and report findings on various large scale data and formulate suggestions for future strategic decision making. Data Analysts also keep an eye on the changing marketing trends whilst collecting insider information to maintain a competitive advantage amongst competitors.

For MBA graduates, there are a number of ample opportunities  that focus on higher management functions in departments such as operations, finance, marketing and business development. According to a GMAC Survey of 2018, a majority of the companies across the world are increasingly hiring MBA graduates and offer worthwhile opportunities in terms of career growth and finances. With an MBA earned online, you have the advantage of capitalising on your work experience while you earn an MBA, hence increasing your hiring prospects and earning potential in the near future.

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