As universities rush to offer courses catering to the varying needs of professions and industries across the world, the field of education has simultaneously experienced a drastic transition in the various learning and teaching practices. Keeping track of the positive and rising evolution in knowledge and the shifting trends, education institutions are catering to the teaching community by providing the much desired PGCEi programme. A PGCEi is a Postgraduate Certificate in Education International targeting educators in various institutions involved in teaching and learning. The PGCEi offers extensive knowledge aimed at progressing the teaching practices and equip teachers with progressive knowledge to improve their knowledge.  

Modules covered in PGCEi

The University of Nottingham in partnership with Stafford Global offers an impressive PGCEi programme which is offered part time via blended learning. The modules covered in this programme allow students to evaluate their own educational status from an international perspective. As students progress with the modules, they build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the various teaching and learning practices from an international perspective, hence incorporating the same in their own respective institutions.

The PGCEi also aims to help students examine the theoretical knowledge pertaining to learning  and Learningunderstand how this knowledge can be applied to various situations. The programme also  furnishes students with specialist skills to develop profound understanding of teaching strategies and help evaluate one's teaching approach.

As part of theory based learning, the PGCEi also encourages students to develop their proficiency in research whilst exploring theories and practices advocated by various philosophers by offering exposure to rigorous, engaging literature. Undertaking research work enhances the student's critical thinking skills and allows them to re learn principles that are contemporary and relevant to the modern day teaching principles.

The University of Nottingham

With a rich history dating back to 1948, the University of Nottingham is ranked 8th in the UK for education as per the World University Rankings, 2019. With a gold award in Teaching Excellence Framework, the University of Nottingham is one of the top 15% of universities in the world as per Times Higher Education, World University Rankings. Home to some of the best scholars of the world, the University of Nottingham is an international university boasting students from diverse background from across the world. The PGCEi is run by the university in approximately 20 different locations, with United Arab Emirates as one of them. Stafford Global, as its regional partner offers the PGCEi programme to the Middle Eastern students, which is taught part time in the UAE. Along with flexible online learning, the PGCEi is taught through periodic workshops where the flying faculty from the UK conducts workshops to facilitate tutor led sessions.

As a working professional, we at Stafford understand the need for earning a degree without having to leave your professional and social commitments. For such candidates looking to work and study at the same time, Stafford Global has organised the PGCEi programme to bring the qualification closer to you whilst saving cost and time spent on commuting to the campus to study this programme. The PGCEi once completed will set you up for success and empower you with knowledge required to gain success in your professional growth.

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