Many universities across the world offer a Masters in Finance degree programme covering the various theories, principles and concepts pertaining to the field of finance. For professionals working in this industry, a Master in Finance degree can provide extensive knowledge required to dive deep into this field and hence make better and informed financial decisions. As finance managers are involved with strategic decision making as well as evaluating the financial position of a company, holding a qualification in finance provides the knowledge and skill to make better informed decisions.

Master of Science in Finance Online

Some of the best universities in the UK have partnered with Stafford Global to offer an online and distance learning MSc Finance programme that can be easily completed without having the need to attend a campus. The University of Leicester is one such highly ranked university offering an online MSc Finance programme which can be studied by students from different countries worldwide. The Edinburgh Napier University is another university offering an MSc in Business Management with a specialisation in finance that can also be studied completely online. 

Benefits of studying a Masters Degree in Finance

  1. Career growth: As a busy working professional, you may come across various degree options leading to different career pathways. If you are a finance professional or looking to start a career in finance, then a masters degree can help you to gain a competitive advantage when job searching. For experienced finance professionals, a Postgraduate degree in Finance opens up higher management positions and promotions within an organisation.
  2. Easy entry requirements: When it comes to entry requirements, most universities accept candidates who are either fresh graduates or a have executive level experience in the field of finance. Unlike an MBA, where applicants are required to hold managerial or supervisory work experience, a Master's in Finance can be studied directly if you have obtained a recognised bachelor's degree. In case you do not hold a valid bachelor degree, the university will require the student to demonstrate proficiency and knowledge through a written personal statement supported by evidence of work experience.
  3. Surge in hiring: The field of finance is expected to experience a positive growth in the coming 6 to 7 years (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018). An interesting article by Maceda (2016) ranks CFO's (Chief Financial Officers) as the third highest paying career. As CFO's are considered to be chief strategic advisers when it comes to decision making, an extensive knowledge and degree in the field of finance can provide the right tools to position your career in the higher management Finance positions.

 Our masters in finance programmes

Stafford has been the pioneer of distance education and our partnership extends to some of the best and highly ranked UK universities. At Stafford, we offer a specialised Master in Finance degree from the University of Leicester that can be studied purely online via distance learning. The MSc Finance from the University of Leicester provides extensive knowledge related to concepts such as financial analysis and investment, financial management, financial modelling, risk management as well as corporate finance. The programme can be studied flexibly in a span of 24 to 30 months and the tutorial and student teams from the university ensures that students are fully supported throughout the course of their studies.

The Edinburgh Napier University is another university that has partnered with Stafford Global to offer an MSc Business Management with a specialisation in finance. As the programme is completely, online, students can finish this in a span of 21 to 33 months. The programme covers core modules such as global economic environment and marketing, leadership strategy and innovation, organisational change and management and sustaining organisational performance. As students prefer to opt for a finance specialisation, the course covers modules such as finance for management decision making and global finance. The programme uses an assignment based approach to their assessment and includes discussion forums on various topics that helps peers to learn from each other and contribute with meaningful discussions.

As the increasingly volatile economic outlook is grappling with external forces such Brexit and US-China trade wars, a fresh and informed approach is needed to drive an organisation towards sustainable financial growth and development. Finance managers share a great deal of responsibility in undertaking sound financial decision making and holding a Masters Degree in Finance can go a long way in making better and informed financial decisions.

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