In today’s digital era, terms such as ‘online’ and ‘distance learning’ have become very common and their meanings are often perceived as the same. However, there are some noteworthy differences between the two modes of learning and one must consider them before choosing an online programme.  Our guide will help you easily differentiate between online and distance learning courses. 

Distance learning

As the name suggests, distance learning involves receiving education from anywhere arouOnline-distance-learningnd the world from the comfort of your home. There are many institutions and universities that provide courses through distance learning where all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get access to the resources. The resources include all the instructions and learning resources for the students and the tasks are required to be completed as per the given schedule.

In a distance learning programme, there is little support from the tutors and no interaction with the fellow students, therefore, the student mostly depends on self-learning. With no requirement of attending lectures or giving examinations, this mode of learning is convenient for individuals with job and family obligations.

Therefore, one must be dedicated and self-motivated to study through distance learning as the level of support provided is minimum.

Online Learning

Online education programmes include everything that is included in a distance learning course but with more support from the university. It means you have access to a virtual platform with recorded lectures, student resources and e-books. Thus, it is also referred to as online distance learning as it carries the characteristics of both online and distance learning.

Even full-time schools and universities are adopting online distance education given its convenience and interactive learning tools.

Stafford proudly provides online distance learning courses from its highly ranked UK universities with an environment that simulates a classroom with comprehensive tutorial support, communication with fellow students through discussion forums and access to all learning materials from lectures and notes to e-books.

Students can access these resources any time and plan the rest of their schedule in advance. You can easily reach the tutors, ask them questions and receive feedback on your assignments and even attend our online webinars.

At Stafford, we have partnered with five UK universities providing internationally accredited degrees and diplomas at both undergraduate and postgraduate level:

For example, the programmes offered by the Edinburgh Napier University provide a team responsible for student support who are available through calls and emails. They offer personal assistance on the course such as advice regarding assessments, study breaks, access to resources and managing workload etc.

With the University of Leicester, the programme uses live seminars where students get a chance to connect with their tutors in real time. The student support team is dedicated to students studying online and provides immense encouragement and support to all students.

In conclusion, online learning and distance learning is very much similar as distance learning is a part of online learning. It is essential to obtain information on the kind of programme you are looking for and obtain as much information as possible. At Stafford, we make it easier for you to decide on a programme by offering expertise and counselling from our experienced academic consultants who assist you with your academic requirements. This can help you make an informed choice on the best online course for you.

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