IELTS is the internationally recognized test for English proficiency. It stands for International English Language Testing System. This test is required when applying for immigration to English speaking countries and it is also required to study in Dubai, whether you are applying for distance education in Dubai, MBA distance education programs in Dubai or in any of the brick-mortar universities in Dubai.

To enroll for a BTech distance education program in Dubai, you would also need an IELTS test to ensure you have the required level of understanding of the English language. Getting an IELTS score is extremely important for you to apply to an MBA without bachelor’s degree in Dubai. Besides that, most undergraduate programs in Dubai, requires IELTS to be accepted to do these programs.

Your IELTS score still holds validity after studying. After graduation, you might want to take advantage of graduate programs in companies in the UAE and to do this, you would need to have an up-to-date IETLS score. Companies like Siemens, Shell, and Unilever offer exciting graduate internship programs, which have the ability of kick-starting your career. But you cannot take advantage of this, without having undertaken an IELTS test. Suppose you were to apply for a masters in data science, or a master of leadership innovations or even an MSc security and risk management, if you do not have a bachelor's degree from a english medium institution you would need to undertake an IELTS. 

The IELTS test can be undertaken in approved centers or universities. Some of these centers offer preparatory classes, while others do not. In any case, there are tons of learning resources online. The question is which centers in Dubai can you undertake the IELTS?

There are about 28 test locations offered by the British Council and 31 test locations offered by IDP in the UAE. There is one center in Abu Dhabi, the UAE's capital and several centers in Dubai.

In Dubai, centers where you can undertake the IELTS exam include;

  • Higher Colleges of Technology – Dubai men’s college.
  • Higher colleges of Technology – Madinat Zayed campuses.
  • British Council, Dubai.
  • British Council, Zayed University.
  • British Council, Zayed University (Academy city).
  • British Council, Zayed University (Knowledge village).
  • British Council, Al Falah University.
  • British Council, Knowledge village.
  • IDP Education – Eton institute, Dubai
  • IDP Education – DISC, Dubai.
  • IDP Education – British University (Academic city).
  • IDP Education, the Westminister school, Al Ghusais
  • American College of Dubai.
  • Knowledge Point, Dubai.
  • Rolla Academy, Dubai.
  • Edoxi training institute, Dubai.

Testing takes place in these centers throughout the year and has scheduled dates. You can check for the schedule online or at the centers. However, registration for IELTS takes place online and the cost is AED 1050.

For accuracy and readiness for the testing, here is a checklist to run through.

  • Before booking, check the type of IELTS you are required to have. There are two types of IELTS. There is the general IELTS and academic IELTS. Academic IELTS is for those who want to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level. While the General IELTS is for those who want to migrate to English speaking countries.
  • Prepare your documentation such as photocopy of valid passport or national identity.
  • Prepare a means of payment. Confirm the type of payment used at the booking centre.

After checking this list, you can go on and book your IELTS.


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